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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Secret vault contains every LEGO set in history

Jesus Diaz of Gizmodo recently traveled to Denmark, home of LEGO. He visited the company headquarters and got to see something that is rarely shown to outsiders: a vault containing EVERY single LEGO set EVER produced! All of them are here: from the very first sets made of wooden bricks, to the new Indiana Jones and Batman lines. It's an absolutely amazing report, chock full of beautiful pictures. Including this one...

It's the now-legendary Galaxy Explorer from the 1979 LEGO Space collection!

I sooooooo lusted for one of those babies when I was a way wee lad!

Even if you can't easily get to Denmark and the inner sanctum of LEGO, you can visit this site which contains building instructions for every LEGO set that's hit the market. Like the X-1 Patrol Craft (right), which was the very first LEGO model that I ever received! That was back when I was 5 years old... and I'm still gettin' and buildin' 'em!

By the way, Gizmodo's Diaz had quite an extended tour of the LEGO company complex. You can read all about it here. Between the model of Kennedy Space Center made out of LEGO bricks and the "business cards" that LEGO employees carry with them, it seems like a terrific place to work at :-)


qemuel said...

HEY, that was my first LEGO set as well! Cool!


David said...

I am with you on that one. I still love Legos. My 7 year old son loves them too and if I could buy them all without being yelled at now by you know who I would, but we get a set every once and a while and have fun. They are super the the movies were awesome of the factory and Lego HQ.