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Friday, July 18, 2008

Tonight we saw THE DARK KNIGHT

We barely got into a showing (and yeah we paid... in whatever was the appropriate currency) but we were able to catch The Dark Knight on its opening day! I'll be able to file a full report after a few days, when time affords both opportunity to devote to a full write-up, and for it all to really "sink in".

Suffice it say, it's very very good. Better than Batman Begins was even. But man, the makeup/CGI work that went into post-burn Harvey Dent is going to stick with me for the next few days, no doubt. Then again after the crazy time we had last night, maybe I needed something like that :-)

Okay, must go and investigate the raucous Bulgarian wedding party that is currently boogying to "I Want To Rock and Roll All Night"...