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Saturday, July 26, 2008

TR2N (AKA the TRON 2) teaser is everywhere illegally!

Rather than post a link or embed the video (which would make no sense since Disney is sending out DMCA claims all over the place tonight) I'll just say that if you really have to see the teaser for TR2N - the sequel to 1982's Tron - that ran at Comic Con a few days ago, just search for "tr2n" on whatever video hosting service that you happen to like, and you should come up lucky.

The screenshot above is the official logo of the movie, taken from one of the better versions that I've seen floating around.

From what I've heard, Jeff Bridges shot his stuff for the teaser in a single afternoon, under the tightest secrecy so that it could be a complete surprise at Comic Con this weekend.

I'd love to see this thing in full, beautiful Quicktime. How about it Disney? I mean, people are watching it already anyway. This thing is too gosh-darned beautiful to have it secretly traded around among the dark corners of the Intertubes. If y'all wait 'til next week after Comic Con, we'll understand. But please, get an official release of this teaser out there soon! :-)


Anonymous said...

The teaser looked really cool! I want to know what the story is, and whoelse from the original will return (hopefully Bruce Boxleitner). Disney did an awesome job keeping this all quiet and such. I hope that Disney officially releases this in Quicktime. I really want to see this with a clear image, and good sound.