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Monday, August 25, 2008

AHHHH... my eyes!!!

Older women, I have long thought, are potentially much more beautiful than younger women. As proof, I offer this recent photograph of Eartha Kitt (who for many years I have harbored a very deep admiration for):

What an amazing performer. She was the best girl to ever play Catwoman in any medium. And Miss Kitt is not only beautiful and a talented singer and actress, she's smart, too. I'll never forget hearing her give the most articulate reason that anyone made for why Bill Clinton should have been impeached: because the White House belongs to the American people, not to the President who's temporarily living there.

So now you know one of my more peculiar secrets: I think Eartha Kitt, now 81 years young, ranks high among the hottest and loveliest women in recorded history.

Now look at this photo that was taken over the weekend of Madonna, who turned 50 last week and just kicked-off her new "Sticky and Sweet" concert tour...

That is not hot. That is not beautiful. That is not sexy. Not at any age, for what it's worth.

That is just... what the Hell was Madonna thinking?!?

You know, getting older isn't a bad thing at all, even for a performance artist. The ones who have enjoyed consistently successful careers over time, they've learned how to grow and re-define themselves. David Bowie readily comes to mind. So does Bob Dylan. And Jon Bon Jovi. Trying to stay in one place in an attempt to recapture lightning in a bottle doesn't work. And it's not really fair to the fans either, who should expect new and fresh material from a talented artist, whenever that artist produces something.

Madonna has had a great career for well over twenty years now. But she needs to learn to adapt and grow, and move away from whatever it is that she was in the Eighties. She can do it. She has to do it, if she expects to sell her music to a new generation of fans.


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention any female singers who have grown and matured and remained successful. I think Annie Lennox would be a great example for Madonna to emulate.

Brian (Nunchux) said...

It's funny that I read this post this morning, because I was just talking to a friend about this over the weekened. I couldn't agree with you more.

qemuel said...

..."Sticky and Sweet" Tour?


David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Annie Lennox, and hell, even Jon Bon Jovi are musicians.

Madonna is nothing more than a performer, as well as being one of the original poster children for all the hell MTV has wrought upon culture since 1981. No grace necessary.

Chris Knight said...

I was being kind.

I always try to be kind at first.

But now that you've said it...

...yeah, she's WAY over-rated.