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Sunday, August 31, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: "Church" in division? Cult leader Johnny Robertson throws Norm Fields off television!

Norm Fields, who has hosted one of the three weekly live television broadcasts of the self-professed "Church of Christ" cult in the Reidsville, Martinsville and Danville area of north-central North Carolina and southern Virginia, has been kicked off the air by cult leader Johnny Robertson, The Knight Shift has learned.

Fields, who came to this area from Georgia in 2007 and has been working at the Danville Church of Christ, has been doing the Bible Q&A broadcast every Thursday night at 10 p.m. on WGSR Star 39, broadcasting from Reidsville, North Carolina. For the past several weeks Fields has been conspicuously absent. This past week there was a two-hour broadcast of A Word from the Lord at 9 p.m. to fill in the hour that Fields has usually hosted. That broadcast featured a "debate" between James Oldfield of the Reidsville Church of Christ and Larry Surber of Stoneville in regard to science versus religion.

The Knight Shift can now report that Fields "won't be coming back" and that Johnny Robertson has made this clear to WGSR general manager Charles Roark. The reason? Fields wasn't "working out", which was explained that Fields was not combative and aggressive enough for Robertson and Oldfield. Indeed, of the three "Church of Christ preachers" broadcasting on WGSR it should be noted that so far as is known, Norm Fields was the only one who did not ambush any other area churches or pastors with a hidden camera during worship services or at any other time. Many people have regarded Fields as the "more sensible" of the three preachers. A number of sources have been reporting to me in the past few months that there was some friction between Robertson and Fields and that Robertson "did not like Fields at all", that Robertson thought of Fields as a "wimp" for not "taking on the denominations hard enough".

The "Church of Christ" cult - which is not associated in any way with the mainstream Churches of Christ - prides itself on "unity" and maintains that being one church is something that Jesus not only taught but demanded. Robertson and Oldfield are known throughout the area for broadcasting their message that unless a person is a member of their "Church of Christ" that a person is damned to go to Hell, with zero tolerance allowed for dissent. It now looks at this hour that Fields, the preacher of the Danville Church of Christ, is indeed dissident enough for Johnny DeVere Robertson - widely known as the leader of the cult - to have him drummed from the airwaves.

There is no word yet on how Fields's position with the Danville Church of Christ is affected.

More information as it becomes available.

(Actually I'm sitting on a whole mountain of more information about Johnny Robertson and his cult, that I haven't divulged yet. If he's going to declare during his Sunday morning "church service" and on broadcast television that I'm his "worst enemy", I might as well act the part, yes?)


Katherine said...

Wow-interesting development.

It just reiterates what I have seen all along-that Johnny has to have control or else.

That is pretty sad that they use whether they are not combative or aggressive enough as a gauge-instead of using the gauge of how much of the love of Christ they are showing. That should be the measure-since it was Jesus' measure, but unfortunately it is not.

Anonymous said...

Johnny mentioned Norm being gone tonight. Johnny said that Norm left to go to Louisiana to help with a website ministry. I don't believe him.

Chris Knight said...

Pete: I saw that. And I have to stand by this report in spite of whatever Robertson might say.

On his show tonight Robertson also seemed to be strongly saying that unless a couple is with the "Church of Christ" that God cannot bless their union and they are living adulterous lives even if they are legally married.

Katherine said...

Are you for real? Oh my-that is going way too far. That is even bordering on Catholic beliefs-which I doubt is what he is going before.

This guy is unreal-so is his view on an almighty God. It is like he has created his own "God" or ultimately made himself "God".

Anonymous said...

What he meant to say was that unless he (as the head of the local hyperconservative churches of Christ) blesses the union, they are not truly married.

Reasonable discourse just lost any chance of happening with the loss of Norm Fields. Maybe now JR will give "faithful" and "TD" their own programs.



Chris Knight said...

Nathan, that's really how it sounded to me. Logically that is what Robertson is saying: that God does not bless anyone unless they are a member of "His true church" so if a man and woman have the legal status of being married, if they are not of Robertson's "Church of Christ" then God hasn't blessed the union at all and it is as if the man and woman are in an adulterous relationship.

In other words, every man and woman in the world, apart from the perhaps 60-odd people at Martinsville Church of Christ (if that many), however many meet at the Churches of Christ in Danville and Reidsville and maybe at the cult's other churches in the Texas area, is "living in sin". According to Johnny Robertson, I am not actually married to Lisa. We are shacking up together, and without Robertson's approval we don't have God's blessing on us at all.

He really better be careful where he takes this line of thought. I know of more than a few men who would not take it kindly at all that Johnny Robertson would announce that their wives are anything but virtuous, and would in fact likely call him out for a duel on Gilmer Street in Reidsville with horse pistols at ten paces.

(If anyone reading this demands satisfaction from Johnny Robertson, I would be more than happy to videotape it for posting on YouTube.)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think you should act the part especially since you write the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Johnny was showing Chris on his show last night.