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Friday, August 29, 2008

The only commentary that I'm planning to make about the race between Obama and McCain

I watched some of Barack Obama's speech last night. I'm not voting for him. But I could see where a lot of people would vote for him based on charisma and presence.

(Parse that as you will...)

I'm not voting for John McCain either. And so far I haven't found anyone jazzed about him enough to cast their ballot in his favor. Any man who by all accounts left his wife just so he could have a younger woman, is not a man that I can trust to be President of the United States under any circumstance.

In a sane world, Sarah Palin would be running for President, and I would vote for her regardless of what party she's coming from. That's still not enough to entice me to ever vote for McCain though, now that she's set to be his running mate. But I've been following her for awhile now and she seems to be the kind of lady who's on my wavelength so far as good clean outrageous behavior goes: the gal shoots moose and makes burgers out of 'em... that's awesome!

In the end it will not matter who is elected President, I hate to say. There is simply too much rot at work in the timbers and one man - or one woman - can not stave off what history has demonstrated is the inevitable consequence of too much bureaucracy, too much extension, too much empire, and too little enlightenment.


Anonymous said...

I am on the line between these two and watched Palin's speech. She is good as Alaska's governor but I would not want her a heartbeat away from the most powerful position on Earth.

Anonymous said...

I lived in Wasilla when Palin was mayor and the idea of her being vice president of the United States is very upsetting. She drove the town into econonic disaster because she had no understanding of zoning and planning. Before she left she had to come to work carrying a gun because crime had climbed so bad. If she talks about ending the bridge to nowhere she also needs to tell us why the money for that stayed with Alaska state government instead of refunded to federal.

Anonymous said...

Palin is beautiful window dressing for an empty store.

Anonymous said...

She scares me as a fruitcake of sorts. And that grating voice of hers I hope to be spared the next 4-8 years. Never met a person from Alaska that wasn't a bit of an oddball....in irritating ways, that is. Oddball in good ways is fine. Like us, Chris. wink. I sense more dementia coming on in Senator McCain....a lapse in what he wants to say many times and a vacancy in the eyes. Scary.....and we think Palin could or should be VP? NOT I. Is the senator trying to throw this election to the Dems, for sure,...rumors he is that upset with his own party?, as many are blogging now? I wonder. Obama man here anyway, and moreso since he chose Palin. Used to think not so bad maybe if Obama loses...but not since Palin showed up. Just gives me the creeps somehow and my gut feeling rarely does that without good reason.