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Thursday, August 14, 2008

We saw THE DARK KNIGHT in IMAX last night

At the Marbles Kid Museum in Raleigh. That's three times now that I've seen The Dark Knight.

So I guess there really is no excuse anymore for not having a review up already, is there? :-)

Think I finally "get" this film now. Write-up coming later today.


qemuel said...

Welcome to the "I've seen TDK three times, one of which in IMAX" club!

Looking forward to your review!

Anonymous said...

Ok, it has been 24 hours now since your latest promise to post up your review. What gives? Are you a man of your word or not?

AfterShock said...

Give Chris time - trust me when I say he is putting a lot of thought into his review, as he does with everything else in his life. We will get it when he is absolutely ready to post it. :)