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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Finally caught all of Sarah Palin's speech from last night

And there is no way, no how, that I would now feel comfortable voting for her as part of any ticket.

Palin's address at the Republican National Convention was, in my opinion, whiny and shallow. There was nothing of substance or vision that I found in her words. All I really got was that she's a mom, her kids play hockey, and she doesn't like her "opponents".

And that's it.

I've heard speeches with more passion at the... nah, nevermind. Don't want to go too far this morning (and I might be already anyway).

What happened to the great political speeches that we've come up reading about in the history books? The two last truly great ones that I can remember being given by a leader of this country were from the day of the Challenger disaster and then the 1987 "Tear down this wall!" speech in Berlin, both made by President Ronald Reagan.

When was the last time that a political convention speech was made about ideas and conviction, instead of being vindictive rhetoric? Or is it simply too much to hope for another William Jennings Bryan to come with a "Cross of Gold"?

Something terrible has happened to this country over the past few decades. American intellect has become anemic of ideas. And I cannot avoid the suspicion that there will be a terrible price to pay for our retreat from enlightenment.


bondservant said...

Chris, I may not agree completely with you, but I respect your opinion. I do agree that Ronald Reagan was by far one of the greatest Presidents we ever had and he set the bar very high for those who follow behind him. We have two choices of who we think will be the better person to lead our Country. In my opinion John McCain is far more qualified and more experienced than Barack Obama, like Rudy Guiliani said this is no time for on the job training. Like I said I do not want to disrespect who disagrees.

Chris Knight said...

Truth, we have way more than two choices. We've ALWAYS had more than two choices. We've just been deluded into *thinking* that we only have two choices.

And if we had used our free choice a lot more beginning with a long time ago, this country would not be in the horrible shape that it's fast getting into.

This election, I choose not to choose from these two candidates.

bondservant said...

I meant to say "Like I said I do not want to disrespect anyone who disagrees."

Our Country gives us the right to choose and we should respect that.

bondservant said...

You have the right not to vote, and I can respect that as well.

Anonymous said...

I disagree Chris. Palin is a breath of fresh air who has taken on her own party honchos. Keep in mind she did this in sparsely populated Alaska where "everybody knows everybody". The woman has guts and executive experience. She has sued the Fed Government for the right to drill for oil in her own state (thanks to Abe Lincoln we no longer have a 10th amendment to protect us from Federal power).

Is Palin highly qualified? We have certainly had more qualified candidates in past elections, but she is FAR superior to Obama both in experience and policies. One reason I love Palin is because the MSM HATES HER -- which is almost always a good sign. I am sick to death of the orgasms by the MSM everytime that Obama says or does anything.

I like McCain, not because I often agree with him (I have many STRONG disagreements with him -- immigration, gun control, etc). But with McCain I know what I am getting -- he is not a "finger in the wind" politician.

My preferred choice is Ron Paul but he has not a chance in hell of winning. As far as I know he is not even on the ballot (I voted for him in the primary).

Anonymous said...

This Blog really shows what Type of Person You are.........
No Body cares if You Vote or Not.

AfterShock said...

anonymous2, I have known Chris for many years and he is neither "A WHINER" or "DRAMA QUEEN". He is a person with very strong morals and enough conviction to see them through, unlike so many of our supposed leaders. And, truth, Chris didn't say he wasn't voting. He just said he wasn't voting for one of the two big (and completely overrated) parties' candidates. Unfortunately the two parties have pulled the wool over so many people's eyes, they no longer see the truth that we don't have to follow a two party system. WHEN DID THIS GOVERNMENT STOP BEING "FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE"???

Anonymous said...

ABC and CNN are reporting that Sarah Palin's speech last night generated $10 million in contributions to the Obama campaign. And $1 million for McCain.

Anonymous said...

"ABC and CNN are reporting that Sarah Palin's speech last night generated $10 million in contributions to the Obama campaign. And $1 million for McCain."

I would wait a while for more official confirmation as the source of this story is the Obama campaign and ABC and CNN are little more than water carriers for the Obama campaign.

Chris Knight said...

Agreed Marc, but I could see where it's true, if only because campaign contributions fall under a HUGE microscope and if any of the press agencies were to make something like that up, they would lose an insane amount of credibility.

Anonymous said...

"if any of the press agencies were to make something like that up, they would lose an insane amount of credibility."

That hasnt stopped them before. :-)

Chris Knight said...

"you are a whiner and drama queen...when will you retract have of the falsehoods you spread about Palin on other sites?"


To the very best of my knowledge, I've written about Palin on one "other sites".

I just checked what I wrote there. And there's nothing that I wrote there that is indicated as being untrue by the Newsweek article.

I'm starting to discern a very disturbing pattern here, folks...

Right now McCain is ahead in the polls. Way ahead. Doesn't bother me that he is. Wouldn't bother me if Obama was ahead, either.

Because as I've said before: America is in such a condition right now that not a single individual can stop what's coming to her. I'm not even going to bother having a dog in this race to root for.

But in the past several days the kind of enthusiasm that Palin is getting is... very odd, to be polite about it. It's as if McCain can't run on his own virtues, that instead he has to put forth a pretty face (literally) to run for him.

(By the way, why is it that not McCain or Palin or any of their supporters are mentioning George W. Bush? Are they ashamed of him?)

And I've gotten some e-mails that have seriously suggested that to not support Palin, is to not support Jesus Christ. I'll be posting some of those soon.

Could it not be said that there is a kind of idolatry at work here, regarding Palin?

Anonymous said...

Chris writes:

"Could it not be said that there is a kind of idolatry at work here, regarding Palin?"

This is why Chris cant be taken seriously and should stick to reviewing video games.

Has anyone ever read Chris question the OBVIOUS idolatry of Barack Obama?

Now go hide behind your "not voting for either" shtick Chris.

Chris Knight said...

To "Anonymous" who just commented from South Carolina (and I even have your hometown, along with very many other details)...

You are the kind of person that I can't take seriously at all.

I also know that yours is the kind of ignorance that is destroying this country.

You DON'T have to choose between ONLY the Democrats and Republicans, you know. You DO know that, don't you?

That I question one candidate does not imply that I automatically support or endorse any other candidate. My will is my own, my choice is my own, and my vote is my own.

And since you asked: "Obama wants to 'remake the world'" (from July 24, 2008)

Want some salt with that crow that you're eating?

Anonymous said...

Where does the article you wrote indicate anything about idolatry....which would require us to view him as an idol, as you indicate some of us are doing with Palin????????

Nice try.

I live in Florida by the way....why would you even write that???????? Just one more reason why youre not too be taken seriously...is that supoosed to be intimidating or something? Not only was it pitiful it was wrong.

Anonymous said...

So youre not too confused on what idolatry is, heres an example, write about it:

I submit to you, Mr. Speaker, um, that the parties have differences, but if you want Change, but if you want change, you want the Democratic party, uh, Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus who our, uh, minister prayed about, uh, Pontius Pilate was a governor.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker

Steve Cohen D Tn

Heres the pictures in case you cant read:


Chris Knight said...

No, you're in South Carolina. You just confirmed it twice.

You don't think that saying that someone has a "messiah complex", complete with eager and willing followers, isn't the definition of idolatry? What planet did you drop in from then?

And anyone who cites RedState as an unbiased, credible source is, again, someone that I can't take very seriously.

Get away from the false "conservative/liberal" dichotomy. The real world is MUCH more interesting!

Chris Knight said...

And you have also now been obsessing with my blog for over an hour now, viewing it continuously.

I don't even take myself that seriously...

Anonymous said...

Dude, the freakin video is from cspan live from the floor of the house...is that just made up???? Its linked from youtube with CSPAN headers...that wasnt even an attmept at trying on your part.

Obama may consider himself an idol, but you mention nothing about idolatry which requires worshippers for the idol. Yet you did it with Palin supporters.

I am sitting in Florida at my home on my laptop. Have you ever considered that being on a phone card may alter where it looks like I am at.

Go reveiw some more games or something...you cant even realize your wrong about where I am located.

Chris Knight said...

You're fixated too much on making this a "Democrat/Republican" thing.

As I've said before here, American politics has devolved into two cages of howler monkeys throwing handfuls of dung at each other. I'm just the guy standing outside and far away, who dares to say "hey, they're doing nothing but throwing handfuls of dung at each other!"

If you're content to being one of the howler monkeys, well... who am I to try to stop you?

Wherever you are, one thing's for sure: you're watching this blog for well over an hour now. Why don't you look around some, learn a thing or two. Did you know that I ran for office myself and made some campaign TV commercials that attacked big government's involvement in education? I almost won too. The commercials themselves became famous across the country and in a few others too...

At least some of us are doing something proactive, instead of sitting, wherever, obsessing about someone else's blog.

So have you ever run for office? If not, why not? What's stopping you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for admitting youre wrong...you never wrote about idol worshippers for Obama, or that Cspan clearly showed idolatry. For admitting youre wrong about my location. That youre wrong to just throw my eveidence away as biased. THanks for the wrong over animated exxageration that I am obsessing about your blog, when I have five sites opend up and am checking my email and synching my laptop all at the same time. Thanks for admitting your trying to intimidate people by exposing their location, even though I would gladly drive to north carolina IF indeed I lived in south carolina.

Off to work...in Tallahhassee (Florida) for the geograpjically impaired). Out.

Chris Knight said...

Maybe I don't care to involve myself with this silly "tit for tat" that too many Republicans and Democrats waste their lives on.

Ever think of that? That maybe you are wasting your time defending an ideology and not spending nearly as much time exploring and cultivating actual ideas?

And if it's ever needed for whatever reason, I've got your location, IP, site visits, everything logged here. Don't usually have that information on hand but I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Certainly do not wish to intimidate anyone: I was just curious as to where you were writing all of this from.

Anonymous said...

All that changed is a dying man got a pretty nurse.