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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Price Ueber Alles: School board member attacks Richard Moore, who is subsequently endorsed by Jeff Sykes (what the...?!)

I'm not going to even begin to attempt to recap everything that's taken place over almost two years now regarding Ron Price, the Rockingham County Board of Education member who stole all those campaign signs on the night before the 2006 election. Hit the above link if you want to know what's been going on.

I will say though, however belatedly, that very many people shared with me how ridiculous and even foolish it was when Price endorsed EVERY incumbent in this year's Board of Education election, including those who are going to be running against each other in the same district race.

Anyway, back to the issue at hand, which a lot of folks have been e-mailing me about...

This past Friday, Price used his blog to launch a scathing attack on Richard Moore, local bookstore owner and candidate for Rockingham County Board of Commissioners, who had previously been the target of a well-publicized lawsuit by Price. You may recall that Richard Moore and his wife tried to hold Price accountable for stealing the Brad Miller signs. Price filed a frivolous lawsuit (that I wound up being called in as a witness on, mostly to look at pictures of a Christmas parade... no I'm still not gonna bother with posting some links, look it up yourself) against the two and a few months later, since it was going to be laughed out of court anyway he dropped the whole thing.

Here's the full text of Ron Price's diatribe, since items on his blog have a tendency to get flushed down the "memory hole" on a regular basis...

Friday, September 05, 2008
Richard Moore

Editorial on Richard Moore, candidate for county commissioner: As we approach the 2008 Elections the importance is renewed that we consider all the factors associated with the candidates for office. Most of the candidates have many good qualifications for office that they have revealed to the Newspapers, during interviews and on TV appearances. However, there is one who stands out for concealing his platform and goals. Richard Moore is a perennial candidate, who tells the public nothing about his agenda for office. We do know from his previous actions at City Council meetings, County Commissioner meetings, School Board meetings and his published information that he offers little or nothing in the way of constructive ideas. He is a scoffer and a scorner, cynical of all local government agencies. He has revealed through his commentaries that he is highly prejudiced and a racist.

RM is a crass and vulgar person who creates acrimony, discord and derision. He subtly reveals that he is a promoter of decadence and pornography and if he is elected we could expect that he will promote these as a commissioner. If Rockingham County is to move ahead we need to elect those who will work constructively and in harmony with the public and elected officials. As with any individual the party to which a person belongs should not be the only criteria in determining ones vote. We need to verify that the person’s platform is in accord with the party platform and the values we personally want to promote.

posted by Ron Price | 12:54 PM

Richard Moore posted a response on his own website, The Tammytown Tattler...

Guess who's not invited to the Rockingham County Republican Party Picnic. Hint: It's one of the candidates for County Commissioner who is running on the "diverse" Republican Party ticket. Here's the answer. Notice who appears in the photo in the upper left-hand corner of the page. Jeff Sykes occasionally appears on the page on the right side.

To: Tom Schoolfield
Rockingham County Republican Party Vice-Chair
Ref: Notice of television appearance and discussion

In fairness, I want to let you know I will be appearing on television one day next week to discuss Ron Price's editorial about how evil I am. I'm sure you've read it, it's located at ronprice.blogspot.com if you haven't. I'm hoping I can schedule my appearance between 6 and 7 PM on Wednesday Sept. 10 You need to let as many people as possible know about the show, especially local Republican Party stalwarts.

I will be appearing on WGSR, which is channel 5 on Time-Warner cable in Rockingham County. The program will also be shown in Henry, Pittsylvania, and Caswell counties, and on the internet at www.wgsr.tv Approximately 500,000 people are in the WGSR viewing area.

The majority of the show will be devoted to Mr. Price's editorial. However, in light of the fact that I have apparently been disowned by the Rockingham County Republican Party, I also intend to address that issue. I suspect Mr. Price and my banishment are connected and indeed I will raise that suggestion during the program. I tell you this because you and/or other local Republican party officials may want to call into the show to confirm or deny my suspicions, and/or defend your decision to disavow my candidacy.

Thanks for your consideration and I encourage you to watch the program. I believe it will have an impact on the November election and the Rockingham County Republican Party.

Richard Moore

Update: After a few days I finally heard from Tom Schoolfield. According to Mr. Schoolfield, the Rockingham County Republican Party executive committee decided not to invite me to the picnic because they had heard I dropped out of the race and that I had no interest in the Party's help. Schoolfield said Party Chairman Dan Zeller had called me many times, but I never returned any of his calls. Mr. Zeller might have considered using the U.S. Mail, or email, or smoke signals, or tried calling my home phone rather than calling my business number which has been unattended for 5-1/2 months while the BOOKSTORE was closed. Schoolfield indicated Ron Price's editorial screed was his own and that Price had not been assigned to be the local Republican Party's hatchet man. I will take Mr. Schoolfield at his word, but I can't think of anyone better than Ron Price to be a hatchet man for the Republican or any other party.

Notice to Ron Price: Ron, be sure to have your VCR warmed up and ready to record. It's going to be a show that you and your lawyer will want to watch many, many times. I've called my lawyer and he thinks this one will be a bases-loaded homerun for me

Yes, all of this involves infighting among fellow Republicans in Rockingham County, North Carolina. I'm almost tempted to scream out "APE HAS KILLED APE!"

Anyhoo, tonight at 6:30 Richard Moore went live on WGSR: a place that I've already told plenty enough people that I wouldn't set foot within again while Charles Roark is general manager even if I was dying of cancer and they were handing out free chemo in the studio. But because Moore was going on to address this latest in the Ron Price situation, I tuned in for that much.

Moore said that he supported Ron Price's freedom of speech (even though most of it is unfounded and could even be considered libel), and that as an elected official who took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, that Price should know better. I doubt that Price would take it to heart when he heard it (just as I've no doubt that Price and his lawyer Doug Hux were recording ever minute of it) but I thought that Moore's comments were exactly what needed to be said.

Then came the moment that I dont think anyone expected to happen...

Jeff Sykes - the former editor of the Reidsville Review who was fired following a "phony quotes" scandal, and who for over three years now has been known as the sworn enemy of Richard Moore - called in... and endorsed Richard Moore for county commissioner!!

I don't think it was a stunt at all. Sykes, at the very least, sounded sincere and serious and one thing he said during his conversation with Moore: that he had "matured" over time. And from where I was sitting, it did come across as a heartfelt thing to say.

Like I said: I don't think it was a stunt. And if Sykes has had a change of heart enough to do something like this, as hard as it might have been, then I won't be ashamed at all to say that his stock in my eyes has gone up considerably. He's shown a lot more capacity for growth and maturity than some people in this area have demonstrated (cough-cough charlesroarkjohnnyrobertson cough-cough...). It was definitely one of the stranger episodes of local politics that has happened in these parts.

So as of tonight: Republican Ron Price, who is on the school board, has published an editorial damning fellow Republican Richard Moore and calling on voters to disregard him at the polls, and then on live television Moore's longtime nemesis and also fellow Republican Jeff Sykes publicly endorses Moore for county commissioner.

Only in America...


Anonymous said...

Let's see, Richard Moore vs. Ron Price. That's roughly analogous to Ignatius Reilly vs. Mel Cooley. Throw in an appearance on hillbilly TV, that's entertainment.

Ricardo Montobon said...

I had to refer to Wikipedia to figure all that out, but it sounds like a good analogy.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Sykes video was place at http://www.breitbart.tv/?p=4463&comments=1#comments in 2007 with numerous comments.
It was recently placed for the second time at www.youtube.com so far no comments.