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Friday, September 12, 2008

This blog just got a visitor from Galveston, Texas

Whoever you are, I hope we have the pleasure of meeting someday.

But until then, get the flying f--- out of there.

(In case nobody has heard the news, authorities are telling people who for whatever reason choose to stay behind to write their names and Social Security numbers on their arms with Sharpies, so that the bodies/parts can be identified later.)


Anonymous said...

How certain are you that it was from Galveston?

Chris Knight said...

That was the geographic location of the IP address. The blog's meter tells me that sort of thing. I like to see where I'm getting visitors from every now and then, what pages visitors are coming in from, etc.

If not Galveston itself, odds are that it was someone from very nearby.

Latest report has the electricity out all over the island, with a number of fires raging and the eye of Ike about to hit shore.

Anonymous said...

The visitor may have come through a server in the Galveston area without actually being there. The next time you're in a Panera using their wifi, check http://cmyip.com or any other ip check -- it will probably say that you are in St. Louis, MO no matter where you really are. I'm hoping this was something similar with someone using a corporate network, proxy, or the like rather than someone deciding to read your blog instead of evacuating! (if you can see the ip of this comment you'll see what I mean; I'm writing this from Atlanta but the ip probably isn't anywhere near there)

Unknown said...

I wouldn't doubt if that person really was from Galveston. They talked on the news to people who stayed there through the storm. One father said it finally hit home with him how dangerous it was when he and the kids were wearing life jackets while sitting on the couch in their own home with their feet in the water. THen his kids went to get the sharpies to put their info on their arms. He said he regretted staying and would never do that again. Thankfully they came out alive. 30+ did not.

Anonymous said...

Do you now understand why your tracking doesnt work....you may see me in Clover SC, which is where the IP locators tell me I am at. But in reality, I am in Florida. But my verizon aircard lets you think I am in SC.