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Monday, September 08, 2008

Want to read the first review of the HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE movie?!

Here it is, courtesy of Ain't It Cool News.

It sounds terrible.

How terrible? According to this person, who saw an advance screening in Chicago over the weekend, the funeral scene is not in the film (yeah there were two funerals in the book but if you've read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince you know which one I'm talking about). It also has the Death Eaters attacking the Weasley house at Christmas (?!?) and apparently makes several other significant deviations from the novel.

Not jazzed at all about this movie now. I'm tempted to say that the Hogwarts Express has jumped the track on this one.

Maybe Warners should just wait a few years and "reboot" the film franchise with a clean start, now that we know where the story is going and how it ends, instead of mucking it up with the current series.


AfterShock said...

Apparently the reviews on AICN are not the only reviews out there - they had one listed in the the Talk Back section on AICN that linked to MuggleNet and a surprisingly more thorough and, I would almost say, more positive review of the film. below is the link: