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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fabled "lost" Beatles track may finally see release

Back in 1967, about the same time that the band was working on the "White Album", the Beatles recorded an extremely avant-garde track they dubbed "Carnival of Light". The 14-minute long song was said to consist of the Beatles going completely off the chain, with screams of "Barcelona!", a church organ being played full-tilt, and a bunch of other seemingly random sounds. It was never released because it was deemed too weird and "ahead of its time".

In the more than four decades since, "Carnival of Light" has taken on something akin to the status of urban legend among Beatles fans. Some wondered if it had even been recorded at all.

Well folks, guess what? If Paul McCartney has his way and if he can convince Ringo Starr and the estates of John Lennon and George Harrison, "Carnival of Light" is going to see a release at last.

Think about that for just a moment: it's looking very likely that a "new" Beatles song will be coming out soon.

Gotta also be curious as to whether "Carnival of Light" will be a playable song in the Beatles video game that Harmonix is putting out next year. Then again, I'm the type who seriously wonders if the game will end when you play the "John has a girlfriend" concert :-P


Anonymous said...

This sounds like that weird scene from the Dewey Cox movie, when he brings in the African tribe, the native Americans, the orchestra, and all those other laughable additions.

It'll certainly be interesting to hear.