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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Nikola Tosic interviews me for his blog

Nikola Tosic is an Internet consultant and artist who maintains a rather lively blog. He asked me for an interview and I was glad to oblige! In the process he wound up picking my brain about some things that I found I had never taken the opportunity to discuss on my own blog. Nikola described me as "weird yet eloquent"... and that's probably the best description anyone's ever had for me :-P

Here's a teaser (in Nikola's lowercase style)...

q: i am not convinced that video and internet are so dominant in your philosophy. i think you are exploring these mediums only by accident while you try to distribute a message. as they serve this purpose now in future you might expand into more different media. what is the essence of the message that you wish people to hear form you? how would you sum up your message?

the long and the short of it is: people need to think for themselves, otherwise there will always be someone else more than willing to think for them. in that regard, video and the internet are extremely useful tools… but without solid ideas behind them, they are worthless. george lucas once noted that “a special effect without a story is a pretty boring thing”. so it is with things like blogs and youtube and such.

right now, i think we’re still getting used to these new technologies. we’re still “stretching our wings” so to speak. we haven’t yet exploited them to their fullest potential. and we won’t at all until we begin to embrace them as platforms for presenting new ideas instead of reinforcing tired *ideologies*. the presidential election we just had in the united states? i thought it was a very frustrating thing because apart from the pro-ron paul movement and a few others, none of the campaigns had a serious vision about using the internet in a fresh way to promote their messages.

Read the rest of Nikola's interview here :-)