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Monday, November 03, 2008

TOO MANY people are WAY TOO TENSE right now

Look, I know that tomorrow is Election Day and many folks are feeling extremely anxious and even much worse. Personally, I'm sick of the whole damned thing. I've been an eager follower of politics all my life, but this is the first election ever that couldn't be a more dreary dull bore. And on the eve of what I keep hearing is "the most important election in our country's history" (except it's really not) I'm now more thankful than ever that I don't have a dog the McCain/Obama hunt (and I explained two days ago what I was doing regarding that).

So right now, I think most of us can agree: we need a good laugh.

I found this on YouTube not long ago and every time I watch it, it cracks me up hard! Someone took some clips of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street and choreographed them to M.O.P.'s song "Ante Up". Watch this and see if you don't smile a lot too, no matter your political stripe...


Anonymous said...

I bet Jim Henson is laughing right now. Thanks, I needed that!