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Saturday, December 27, 2008

About the "Religious Review" blog (Plus: How Johnny Robertson spends Christmas!)

In the past week I've received three e-mails directing my attention to Religious Review, a newly established blog. And it's been asked if I'm the person behind it.

I am not. And I didn't even know about Religious Review until the last several days. But I certainly have to applaud whoever it is who set it up.

As was reported on this blog last month, "Religious Review" is the name of the bogus outfit that local cult leader Johnny Robertson came up with in his continuing bid to harass and intimidate the legitimate churches in this area. He and crony/second cousin James Oldfield have already been known to confront innocent individuals with hidden cameras and such. Now Robertson has recruited his own son to go out in the name of "Religious Review" and do the same.

So what sayeth the real Religious Review?

Folks have been talking about "Religious Review" since it was mentioned on "What Does the Bible Say?" recently. It's been said that for a multi-media company, it is strange that "Religious Review" doesn't have any sort of internet representation.

This blog is not affiliated with Johnny Robertson's fake "Religious Review". We don't go into churches with video cameras under false pretenses and pretend to be something we are not. We don't lie and mislead people so we can get juicy soundbites for church of Christ television broadcasts. That is the fake "Religious Review". We're real.

Whoever this person is, he/she is not alone in going after the "Church of Christ in Name Only" loons. Mash down here for a somewhat more crude response to Robertson's acts of un-Christlike bullying. It certainly does seem that lots of other people are beginning to stand up to the cult leader/convicted felon Johnny Robertson, aye?

And since we're on the subject...

For the most part I've been away from this blog for the past several days, doing "Christmas celebratin'" stuff with family and friends. Still, I've kept a watch on the stats from time to time, partly because it's been interesting to see where the traffic has been coming from regarding the story I posted here on Monday about the "angel" photograph at a Charlotte hospital. Probably been the most visits this blog's ever received during the holiday season...

...And one person in particular couldn't stay away from it for very long. According to the stats, Johnny Robertson (trust me, it's him) visited this blog for the better part of half an hour on Christmas Eve night, and then came to it at least four times on Christmas Day.

How someone uses their time is their own business. But really: to have nothing better to do on Christmas Eve night than to obsess about THIS blog?! And then to keep coming to it on Christmas Day?

That is pathetic beyond measure.

How did my loved ones and myself spend Christmas? Being thankful to God for what He has blessed us with. Seems like at least one other person was spending it harboring spite and resentment. That ain't understanding why Christ came to this world at all.

Johnny, go outside and play. Quit trying to wreck life for others just because your daddy did you and your momma wrong. There's a whole lot of wonderful things that God has made for you to appreciate if you'd only allow yourself that indulgence.


Unknown said...

I wonder who is crazier Johnny Robertson or Jimmy Swaggart?

Chris Knight said...

Probably Robertson.

Swaggart was sane enough to admit on television that he was wrong and that he was capable of sinning.

Johnny Robertson has never done that, and probably never will.

Anonymous said...

Johnny has been hurting people because he can't get over how he was hurt as a child? On the outside he is a grown man but inside he is a scared cowering little boy begging his pa "Please daddy don't hurt me I love you Daddy Dearest!"

What is Johnny Robertson's favorite Christmas song: "Please Daddy Don't Get Drunk This Christmas"

Anonymous said...

The point people are missing is that there is a great gulf between COC usage of the terms "religious" and "Christian". COC claims "we" are merely religious while they are Christian. By their use of the term "Religious Review" to characterize any part of their operations, they are saying the same things about religion that have been said for centuries...they have religion, and theirs is no better or worse than ours.

Now THAT opens up some juicy avenues for debate. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Charles Roark has said he's screwed up because of his daddy too.

This region is going to pot because of two grown men with abandonment issues.

Anonymous said...

Roark seems to have a lot of stressfull events.

His probation officer stated in a report he feels impulses to steal releasing him form work-related stress.

Anonymous said...

"This region is going to pot because of two grown men with abandonment issues."

Does the fate of this entire region really depend on Charles Roark and Johnny Robertson's abandonment issues? I think not, but if so, we should do more to help them heal rather than trying to exacerbate their problems.

You need to ask yourself "What would Jesus do?"

Possibly you are giving Charles and Johnny too much credit.

Chris Knight said...

I'm inclined to believe that the person who made the comment about "abandonment issues" has a good point.

How does this region look to potential industry that is casting an eye at locating here, when the "televised media" has come to cater to, pardon my terminology, "trailer trash mentality" as is the case of WGSR under Charles Roark?

(That is something that I lay SQUARELY at the feet of Roark. He and he alone has brought the Reidsville station from a position of great respect, to where it is and where it's going because he has chosen to pursue the least common denominator.)

Companies look at stuff like that. They consider it a gauge of the intellect of the people they might be hiring. So in that regard, Roark at least IS diminishing this region's vitality.

Anonymous said...

I always heard it is economic incentives that attract companies to an area. You are the first person to claim it is the quality of local religious TV programming. Have you brought your theory to the attention of local government?

Anonymous said...

I guess we're lucky WGSR is a low power broadcast and local cable station. It's signal does not extend beyond the immediate region where companies already have a pretty ggod idea about the "intellect of the people they might be hiring." It's not like a company in California will harshly judge our region because they watched Johnny Robertson and Charles Roark on Directv. However, I suppose a California company might stumble across this blog and learn something.

Chris Knight said...

Big companies take a HARD, long look at any area that they are considering locating to. You don't think that they wouldn't send some people to a place without observing, taking notes and especially gauging things like education and literacy, particularly when so much of that raw intellect is encouraged to participate with its local television?

It's the little things that over time add up to a lot.

Anonymous said...

And you think they are sending scouts here who watch Johnny Robertson on WGSR to decide whether to locate in this area?

I hope those corporate scouts don't read the local newspapers or take much of a look at our school board, the county commissioners, and the city councils. If they do, we'll certainly look like retards.

WGSR is one of the less obvious and less important gauges of the "intellect of the people they might be hiring."

If they get a gander at this blog, they'll think we're all immature adults fixated on video games, Star Wars, and comic book themed movies.

Chris Knight said...

Actually, I like to think that anyone who comes to this blog will think that we are erudite, articulate individuals who are content to be the people God made us to be, rather than a people who cotton to whatever slick-talking two-bit shysters come along trying to con us into their own way of warped thinking. And also that we enjoy a wide variety of interests.

This blog is as it has always been: about the things that I find interesting and an outlet for my thoughts and commentary. How many "immature adults" take on issues like creeping socialism in America per the bailouts, and outrageous taxation? Likely, not many.

Like it or not, this blog and countless others like it represent the future of journalism. And if I choose to balance the serious like government and countering evil cults along with the occasional whimsical, then who is anyone to judge that it isn't my right?

Chris Knight said...

Folks, I removed a comment that was made immediately before mine, mostly 'cuz it didn't make any sense.

There's a difference between what happens on this blog and what Johnny Robertson and Charles Roark have been doing for years.

Namely, this blog isn't out attempting to actively DESTROY people with bold-faced lies, unfounded and unchallenged allegations, and other things that cater to a trailer trash mentality.

A lot of people over the years have told me that they respect my writing - even before I began this blog - 'cuz I don't "look down" on others or "speak down" to them. That's a quality that I aim to maintain.

Chris Knight said...

And regarding what I write about on this blog...

To quote John Locke from Lost:

"Wait 'til you see what I'm about to do."

Anonymous said...

I've seen a lot of comments on here that didnt make any sense, like the trailer trash mentality thing, but they didn't get removed. What was special about the one that was removed?

Chris Knight said...

Well, mostly 'cuz I was waiting for you to whine about its removal so I could pinpoint where you were and what your ISP was, just out of curiosity.

Thanks for providing that info with your reply.

Anonymous said...

Chris, keep doing what you're doing. There's more real journalism on your blog than there is on Star News and the Reidsville Review together.

Chris Knight said...

To the person who I've deleted twice now...

I've never seen WGSR talking about the unconstitutionality of bailouts either. Come to think of it, they didn't even report on Reidsville High School winning its second state football championship in a row.

Some would think that that would have been a fine story for a small-town television station.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Chris Knight said...

No. Except I wasn't sure at first if I was right with that initial assessment about your location and IP.

If this were combat conditions, you would have been dead already for all the giving away of where you are.

Anonymous said...

You are right. It's me. You nailed me with my IP address.

Beware anonymous posters. There is no hiding on this blog. Chris will hunt you down.

I'm glad this is not combat because I would be dead and you would be "branded" for cowardice in the line of fire.

Chris Knight said...

Well, I must say that it is rather pitiful that, according to the records, you have had a browser window ALL this time, on little ol' me.

Some might call that obsession. Others, that you have no life apart from this blog.

Heck, even I don't spend that much time on my own site...

Anonymous said...

Guilty as charged. I have become obsessed with your Charles Roark/Johnny Robertson obsession. Obsession vs Obsession.

Aren't you going to delete my previous post? I did suggest you are a coward for deleting my other posts.

Chris Knight said...

You wanna know why I've been led to do what I can to stand up to Johnny Robertson, and his bullying tactics?

It's because if somebody doesn't stand up and say "no" to people like that... who will?

Go read up about the White Rose, and why they did what they did. As Sophie Scholl told her interrogators, "SOMEBODY had to take the first step!"

Johnny Robertson is a man who seems to have no other purpose than to hurt other people.

I never did this for accolades. But there have been quite a lot of people who have told me that they were "proud" that someone stood up to him. And apparently, I'm not the only one now.

Let's face it: there is something obviously wrong with a cult leader who has four bloggers documenting his activities. At least if he does anything else crazy like painting a bomb threat on the side of his own building, people will know.

"Aren't you going to delete my previous post? I did suggest you are a coward for deleting my other posts."

No, I'm not.

But I am going to suggest that you go out and play, and enjoy the world and the life that God gave you.

Anonymous said...

And Charles Roark and WGSR? What are the sins for which they must atone?

Chris Knight said...

"What are the sins for which they must atone?"

Sins against polite society.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sins against polite society. I see where you coming from now. Charles is indeed impolite and impudent, and he uses the station for evil rather than good.

How should we cleanse them of the sin of rude and boorish behavior? Does this blog have the power to cleanse them?

Chris Knight said...

"How should we cleanse them of the sin of rude and boorish behavior? Does this blog have the power to cleanse them?"

I doubt any blog has enough power for THAT...

Anonymous said...

“ I hope those corporate scouts don't read the local newspapers or take much of a look at our school board, the county commissioners, and the city councils. If they do, we'll certainly look like retards“.

Recently a lady at a city council meeting asked the city manager if he had been fired from every job he has ever had, had he ever used public money for his personal use, had he ever threatened anyone who went against him and had he ever been charged with embezzling. The city manager did not respond???

City manager is one of the highest positions in the city and if the accusations are true what does this say about our town. If these accusations are true I wonder if the city manager would ever go against certain others that have done wrong or committed a crime. I’m wondering if the town is becoming a haven for thieves who seem to be respected more than some of the law-abiding people.