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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Carrie Fisher now sez: STAR WARS wasn't worth it

Carrie Fisher (depicted at right in the "Slave Leia Metal Bikini" from Return of the Jedi) was on The Today Show this morning shilling her new book Wishful Drinking. And she let loose what will no doubt be a shocking revelation to millions of fanboys: that she now regrets having anything to do with the Star Wars movies. That if she had known it would become so popular, Fisher would have "never" signed up to be Princess Leia at all. Fisher now blames the instant celebrity that Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and the ensuing sequels brought her for her bipolar disorder, her drug addiction (Cary Grant was brought in by her parents to counsel her to "don't eat acid"), and the failure of her relationships such as her onetime marriage to Paul Simon.

I'm inclined to suggest that adolescent celebrities read what Carrie Fisher is saying here, and that they would do well to heed the wisdom she's offering.

It's safe to say that childhood stars do not go through the most well-adjusted periods compared to "common" kids. And it makes sense that there's a hideous cost to the spotlight at that stage in life. Kids at that age are just then figuring out their own sense of identity. They're going through confusion enough as it is, without being called upon to be a public icon all the time. No wonder so many of them turn to substance abuse: they practically need that to feel numb to themselves.

Thanks to my good friend Eric Wilson for passing the story along :-)


Anonymous said...

Live and learn, Carrie. Live and learn.

This is why I turned down the roles of Captain Jack Sparrow and Spider Man, because I knew the success would wreck my life.

Seriously, wasn't she hopped up on something during the filming of the first SW film? I read that somewhere. It seems she was already heading down a destructive path before SW even came along.

Scoke said...

If I may quote something from another franchise:
No fate but what we make.

Carrie shouldn't blame Star Wars for her problems. She ultimately made the choice to turn to drugs and such (I thought she was doing drugs before SW as well). Star Wars and her status as a fictional character did not make her do that.

Besides, thanks to Star Wars, she can have the public's attention so she can complain about it. Isn't life grand.

Anonymous said...

I guess she will be returning all the money she was paid for acting in Star Wars?

She can blame the "franchise" all she wants but it has been said by many involved in Star Wars that she was playing the lusty nympho (off the set) with Harrison Ford throughout the making of Episode IV (when there was NO franchise). Whose fault is that Carrie?

Does anyone take responsibility for their own actions anymore?