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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Coming in 2009 from KWerky Productions...

This afternoon I finished writing the first draft of the script for the first "episode" of a project that, Lord willing, we're going to start filming in the next few months. We've already found most of the cast too.

But before that, "Weird" Ed and I may be doing something that, I like to believe it'll have some significant social relevance. At the moment I can't help but think that it'll be along the lines of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas without all the drugs.

And then, at last, I hope to begin shooting Keys, which has been my pet project for going on three years now. Had real life situations not intervened it could have been made already. But in a crazy sort of way the delay has helped make it a much stronger product. I've learned things as a writer and as a film-maker that are going to be poured into it. Yah there's been other projects I've been working on in the meantime, mostly for clients: now it's time to start filming for me. This past week a much better ending presented itself too, that I feel a lot more confident about.

Stay tuned to the official KWerky Productions website as we'll soon be updating it with more about all the good stuff we're working to roll out in the Year of our Lord Two Thousand and Nine :-)


Anonymous said...

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas without all the drugs."

That's not even possible!

Anonymous said...

Real life situations being running for school board, cast in a musical, fighting a cult out to destroy Christianity, winning "the craziest copyright case ever", making sure we get the CD we wanted, holding a thieving politician accountable, and what else?

You live an interesting life Chris :)


Chris Knight said...

It's not easy being me...