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Monday, December 29, 2008

Doctor apparently used liposuctioned fat to fuel his car

Tyler Durden should have thought BIGGER...

Doesn't seem to be any dearth of weird news this past month. In the latest bizarro story, a Beverly Hills doctor is accused of running his Ford SUV and his girlfriend's Lincoln Navigator with fat that he liposuctioned from patients. The doctor in question, Craig Alan Bittner, supposedly even bragged on his website that he had pioneered the creation of "lipodiesel". He's now in trouble with several former patients who allege that he disfigured them.

Maybe there's a silver lining to this strange situation. With a vast segment of the population dangerously obese, and there being such a demand for both environmentally and economically-sound energy, maybe "lipodiesel" is the silver bullet that can wipe out a whole slew of problems plaguing this country! We've all heard the old phrase "You are what you eat"? Maybe it's time for "You are what you drive"!


Anonymous said...

Fight Club is the greatest movie ever.

"A liposuction clinic. Pay dirt! Richest, creamiest fat in the world. Fat of the land!"

Chris Knight said...

This is going to sound bad to a lot of people but... I've never watched ALL of Fight Club.

What I know of it mostly comes from when it was playing HBO one night when I lived in Asheville, and I had the TV on mostly for background noise while I was working on some stuff.

The thing about Tyler and his friend making soap out of liposuctioned human fat always stuck with me as being pretty hilarious, for some reason...