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Thursday, December 18, 2008

James Oldfield declares the Salvation Army is a work of evil on broadcast television

Folks, please understand that I am not on a "get the 'Church of Christ In Name Only'" binge tonight. Heck, I've so many projects on my plate right now that I'm pretty much relying on the reports that others have been sending me lately about the cult. Like earlier today when I posted that cult leader Johnny Robertson can't spell worth a hoot even as he condemns preachers of other (and in my opinion, legitimate) churches in the area.

And now later this evening, it is Robertson's chief henchman/second cousin who accompanied him from Texas, James Oldfield (heh-heh... bet y'all didn't know that the two were related, did ya?) who is up to no good.

Who is Oldfield and the "Church of Christ" cult (remember, it's not the real Church of Christ at all) going after this time? None other than the Salvation Army.

I came in from some errands tonight, and there were two e-mails practically screaming at me to tune in to WGSR Star 39. And I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it but sure enough, Oldfield is in "mad pit-bull" mode, assailing the Salvation Army for not being "the real church" and accusing them of all sorts of chicanery. Oldfield even used his hidden camera tricks on the head of the Salvation Army in Danville. As if that weren't bad enough, Oldfield told viewers that he and the "Church of Christ" do not boast about how they help people like the Salvation Army does... and then Oldfield went on to brag about how there was a frozen turkey in the trunk of his car that he was delivering to a fellow cult member!

I also happened to catch Oldfield condemning the Lord's Food Pantry in Eden. Which logically puts WGSR general manager Charles Roark in a bad position since apparently he was making a big deal about the Lord's Food Pantry earlier in the week, even staging a "telethon" to raise money for them to purchase food for needy folks. Which I think the Lord's Food Pantry is doing a good thing too. I think the Salvation Army has always been of immense service to others also, for the right reasons.

So why are James Oldfield and no doubt Johnny Robertson and the rest of the "Church of Christ" cult attacking them?

I can think of only one word at the moment: "jealousy".

Maybe Robertson and Oldfield should take the $15,000 that "the boys in Texas" send them for airtime each month, and put that money to some good use like the Salvation Army and the Lord's Food Pantry... instead of using it to harass and threaten others. They certainly have let it be known to enough people that they have no intentions but malicious ones.

(And some of y'all wouldn't buh-leeeeve what one person has told me in the past few weeks what he/she would do if Robertson and Oldfield came to their house again. 'Twould be enough to give one pause for sake of personal safety, no doubt.)

EDIT 11:02 p.m. EST: And what were Oldfield's concluding words on his broadcast tonight? "Don't put any quarters in those kettles."

A very wise man told me in recent days that Johnny Robertson, James Oldfield, and their cult were "of the spirit of the Antichrist" as the Bible puts it. If I had only their broadcast tonight to go by, I couldn't possibly doubt that.


Anonymous said...

Chris I and others think it funny that Johnny Robertson will debate everyone else on television but he wont debate you. Is he scared of you? I think they are. Charles Roark is scared as well.

Anonymous said...

Expect Charles Roark to attack you on live TV again whereas he will not ever expose Johnny Robertson to hard questions.

Chris Knight said...

We all know that a "debate" on WGSR would be a rigged game. That Charles Roark is not the least bit interested in a fair, objective discussion. I don't even know if he can conceive of such a concept. Roark's mind is so firmly entrenched in the gutter (along with the majority of his "faithful viewers", which probably number less than a hundred) that serious, intellectual discourse is beyond his comprehension.

That is why I rather enjoy knowing that in the greater scheme of things, Roark and Robertson and Oldfield, and however many followers they have, are going to be the losers of legitimate debate. Because Roark and Robertson are not real thinkers. They do not articulate. They only play to raw emotion. And over the long term that loses to critical analysis every time.

Here on the Internet, there is a fair and balanced arena of ideas. It is also one that persists far, far longer than the attention span of however many viewers that Roark and Robertson have. Whatever Roark chooses to do to attack me (and I have heard about his antics of late) doesn't really matter: I would dare say that the case against Roark is far more damning than it is against myself.

But if he wants to speak up for himself here, he's free to do so. Let him make his own case, chronicled for all time. And he should hope that his spelling and grammatical skills are better than those of his biggest client: the one that we already know he whores for.

(Roark will probably make some snide comment that I'm not showing "Christian love". I'll counter with this: that I'm showing more love for the communities of Rockingham County and southside Virginia by pointing out how Roark and Robertson are destroying this area, than Roark and Robertson have ever demonstrated.)

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. How could a one-on-one live debate be rigged?

Anonymous said...

Chris you had your chance to debate and you whimped out...Your 15 minutes of Fame has long been over.

Chris Knight said...

"I don't understand. How could a one-on-one live debate be rigged?"

Somebody obviously hasn't watched WGSR much.

"Chris you had your chance to debate and you whimped out...Your 15 minutes of Fame has long been over."

Hello Mitch. Is Johnny Robertson still paying you to attend his "preaching school"?

As for "wimping out", let's go back to this past June, when I gave Robertson the opportunity and he ran away...


Anonymous said...

The debate with Dan Parker was rigged sho-nuff. Every time Dan took his turn to speak Johnny Robertson had insulting words and graphics appear on the screen from his laptop computer.

Anonymous said...

What do you call shooting Johnny Robertson when he comes to your house to hurt your family?

Pest control

Anonymous said...

"Somebody obviously hasn't watched WGSR much."

I rarely watch WGSR, so would you explain how a one-on-one live debate can be rigged?

Anonymous said...

It isn't real debating. The Church Of Christ runs them all. There has not been a real debate with the Church Of Christ preachers. They run away from real debate like Johnny Robertson ran from Chris Knight or they do what they can to hurt the image of the ones they are opposing like Dan Parker.

Anonymous said...

I thought we were talking about Chris debating Charles Roark, not Johnny. How can Charles Roark rig a live debate with Chris?

Anonymous said...

Johnny Robertson would make Charles Roark let him ambush Chris so it would be two on one. That is how the debate would be rigged. Robertson owns Roarks nuts.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure The Drama Queen will explain how a one- on -one debate can be rigged as soon as He looks it up on somebody's Web Page or Blog

Chris Knight said...

Back again Mitch? I know it's you who posted that a few minutes ago.

Just as I know that you were the one who, on orders from Johnny Robertson, painted the "bomb threat" on the side of the Danville Church of Christ building back in July.

How do I know? That's for me to know and for you to maybe find out someday.

I'm going to allow the comment from 9:05 p.m. last night to stay. Because I think that it conveys a lot of what most people in this area have come to regard Johnny Robertson and his cult as: a public menace, and proven threat to house and home.

I know of at least one instance where Robertson has been chased away at gunpoint after he did something to an unwary family. Maybe... maybe... he'll eventually get the point: that what he's doing is only inviting trouble.

Then again, lately I'm thinking that he's purposefully driving his son into confrontations so that the boy will get "martyred" and that'll give Robertson the ultimate "accomplishment" to crow about... especially since it would entice the cult members in Texas to send him more $$$.

This is a man who recently accused a church in the area of child pornography, when all the church in question did was have a liturgical dance performance. Lord only knows what a sick mind like Robertson's is capable of doing. I absolutely will not, ever, advocate "going out and get 'em". But I also very much believe in protection of self and loved ones. Remember, we are discussing a man who has also twice nearly killed someone: in the act of armed robbery and before that, by leaving someone to almost die from a wreck that he caused.

If worse comes to worst, remember the immortal advice from the movie The Patriot:

"Aim small, miss small."

Anonymous said...

What on earth does anyone have a gripe about the Salvation Army about? This Oldfield sounds like an idiot.

Anonymous said...

"Johnny Robertson would make Charles Roark let him ambush Chris so it would be two on one."

I understand...Chris goes on the set to debate Charles and at the last second Johhny pops out from behind the curtain and the two of them give Chris a wedgie and an Indian burn.

Very clever and very underhanded. Chris will never fall for that trap because he's even more clever than the two Snively Whiplashes.

Anonymous said...

In regards to that church and child pornography I wonder why Johnny Robertson did not put a video of that on youtube considering the numerous ones he has put there. I would love to read comments on that one.

I have heard that church gives dancing lessons and students are allowed to dance on stage from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Chris You had better have some proof & a good lawyer before you start accusing people of stuff you can't prove.
Wait a minute you can't even afford a lawyer because you don't have a job that pays money. Most people at your age have grown up and started working.

Chris Knight said...

Still can't accept that someone can be in business for himself, aye Mitch?

Actually, I just returned from meeting with a client this evening. Shooting footage for a commercial that I am making for their company.

Whereas so far as I understand it, your only income is what Johnny Robertson is paying you to attend his "preaching school".

"Chris goes on the set to debate Charles and at the last second Johhny pops out from behind the curtain..."

It's what happened when Shirley Phelps Roper came to the studio in 2006.

As despicable as she is, I always thought that was a pretty underhanded trick that Roark did. There's PLENTY of stuff that she is in the wrong about, without having to stoop so low as to ambush her.

Chris Knight said...

"In regards to that church and child pornography I wonder why Johnny Robertson did not put a video of that on youtube considering the numerous ones he has put there."

Because Johnny Robertson... is too scared. He knows that he was lying when he insisted that those girls were showing "panties".

He wouldn't dare publish it for everyone to be able to scrutinize.

And Charles Roark acted with gross and irresponsible conduct when he allowed such an outrageous claim by Robertson to go unchallenged and unverified on broadcast television. Robertson claimed that pornography was going on, and Roark practically agreed with him.

As I have said many times in recent months, there is no journalistic integrity at WGSR.

Anonymous said...

Yo Chris..... don't you get paid for ad impressions in your blog?

Johnny Robertson and Charles Roark are making you money all the times they visit and talk about you!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chris speaking of money......what does Johnny Robertson and James Oldfield do for a living??????? Has Johnny said what happened to Norm Fields???????

Anonymous said...

Johnny could never get over how bad his daddy treated him. He hasn't grown up yet. This is how he lashes out at the world for his abandonment issues.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever thought of or imagined being in a place called Heaven and having to live there with Johnny Robertson and his Church of Christ guys?

I wonder if Johnny would try to debate God imself. What would God really think about all Johnny's name calling and his remarks about innocent girls?

Anonymous said...

Chunky Roark blames his daddy for why hes effed up too. Hes on court ordered medication and his mommy was only person who would hire him lmfao

Anonymous said...

What exactly was that impulse control disorder they talked about at one of his court trial?

Anonymous said...

Then he said unto me, Hast thou seen this, O son of man? Is it a light thing to the house of Judah that they commit the abominations which they commit here? for they have filled the land with violence, and have returned to provoke me to anger: and, lo, they put the branch to their nose. Therefore will I also deal in fury: mine eye shall not spare, neither will I have pity: and though they cry in mine ears with a loud voice, yet will I not hear them. (Ezekiel 8:17-18)

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Was Ezekiel talking about Johnny, Charles, or Chris? Who is the abominator?

What did Chunky's dad do? Who did what to Chris?

Chris Knight said...

"Johnny Robertson and Charles Roark are making you money all the times they visit and talk about you!!!!!!!!!"

You're actually more right than you know.

It's somewhat of an unintended effect that the stuff about Robertson's cult does drive some traffic here, with people - from all over the place mind ya - curious about what kind of person he really is. This blog is offering, as best as I can provide it, the truth about him, James Oldfield, and their "Church of Christ in Name Only" (as I call it).

And a lot of those people, as with many others, click on the ads.

How much have I made? I'm not at liberty to say. But over the past two years as this blog has achieved greater visibility (some would say "notoriety") it has provided quite a tidy sum. And much of that is attributed to documenting, for readers' convenience, the crimes and character of Johnny Robertson and Charles Roark.

Heck, in their own way, Robertson and Roark are helping to fund my filmmaking activities. It's almost enough to want to thank them for providing so much material...

Anonymous said...

That's terrific. Johnny Robertson is spending money but he's also making you money. When he talks about you does that give you more ad impressions?

Anonymous said...

I like the picture and link you made to the Youtube video about how Johnny fled. Everyone who comes to your blog can spot the truht aobut him.

Anonymous said...

Anyone heard of this?


found it online.

Chris Knight said...

Whoever set up the Religious Review blog, it wasn't me. But I think it's hilarious and quite telling that there are so many other people who are standing up to Robertson and Oldfield and their cult.

Speaking of Johnny Robertson, according to the records that this blog keeps, he visited The Knight Shift for the better part of a half-hour last night.

Yep, Johnny Robertson, on Christmas Eve night, apparently had nothing better to do than to obsess about this blog.

That's just... pathetic.

Okay, I'm off to have more fun with the loved ones on this Christmas Day. Here's wishing that all my readers can and will do likewise! :-)