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Friday, December 19, 2008

The last time we ever have to hear about this man...

O.J. Simpson has been transferred to Lovelock Correctional Center in Nevada, where he will begin serving his 9-33 year sentence for kidnapping and armed robbery.

I well remember October 3rd, 1995: the day that the verdict in his murder trial was read. You could literally hear the gasps of disbelief all across the Elon campus. "I can't believe he got away with it!!" is what most people were saying.

"He didn't get away with it," I told one friend. "One day, and it may not be in a way that we will ever see, but eventually Simpson will be punished somehow, if he did it."

Does anyone today doubt that he did do it? Or that his personal character has, at last, come back to haunt him in a way that this time, he could not escape?

O.J. Simpson has been a festering keloid on the face of American culture for nearly fifteen years now. At last, we won't have to be bothered with him any longer. He made his bed (one of fifteen hundred at Lovelock), now he'll have to sleep in it.


Anonymous said...

His new nickname is Orange Jumpsuit.