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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New York State budget: craziest taxes ever?

Governor David Paterson has revealed his $121 billion budget plan for New York State and it includes proposals that actually trump California's "snack tax" of the early Nineties in terms of utter lunacy. There are 88 suggested new taxes and fees, including for digital downloads of songs for iPod and other music devices, beer, soft drinks, cable and satellite television services, movie tickets, and massages (?!?).

This reminds me of 1993, when then-President Clinton was trying to pass a retroactive tax increase (which passed in Congress). I called my Representative in the U.S. House, who at the time was Steve Neal. Never got through to him personally (but then since when does a citizen ever get through to his or her Rep?) but I asked his staff numerous times: "When was the last time that a government taxed itself to prosperity?" They couldn't give an answer. Neither is Governor Paterson going to be able to provide one to the citizens of New York. If anything, these taxes are going to drive away people and businesses, making a dire situation for New York that much worse.


Unknown said...

Well, as our 'beloved' president has proved, Republicans can drive up govt spending as much as Democrats.