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Thursday, December 04, 2008


So I got back home tonight from our final rehearsal for Theatre Guild of Rockingham County's production of Oliver Twist ('cuz opening night is tomorrow) and I'm goofing off online while I have a late dinner, and I check the stats on this blog...

...and sometime in the past few hours, this blog achieved its one millionth page view!

It's a bit ways from having its one millionth visitor (which is what the meter displays publicly) but still, to have served up a million pages is quite an achievement. Lately I've noticed that more people who visit this blog seem to be looking around, instead of just coming to one page and then leaving. So it seems to be attracting a regular audience.

Thank you everyone, who has visited this blog over the past five years (except for those with nefarious purpose... and you know who you are) who contributed to this place reaching such a landmark!


Jenna St.Hilaire said...

Yay! That's quite impressive. Congratulations :D

Brian (Nunchux) said...

Congratulations! I come to your page 3-4 times a week. Great stuff you've got here!

... in other news, my word verification is "castrutt". A misread that at first...