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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


According to Yahoo! Babel Fish that means "Awesome Watchmen trailer" in Japanese. And that's exactly what this is. But don't worry all the character dialogue is in perfect English...

You know what's starting to impress me already about Watchmen? It's all the details that went into such a broad paintbrush for this, the 1985 of a world that is just slightly different from ours. Like the TV showing Nixon getting elected for a third term, and the American fighter jets doing that "eat me" flyover of Moscow as Fidel Castro and the Politburo members watch helplessly.

This could be the biggest movie of 2009. And it's already coming out on March 6th! And if I've got a clear schedule that day, I'm probably going to see it three times, 'cuz I've waited almost twenty years for this movie to be made :-)


Anonymous said...

That's a more believable JFK assassination than what Oliver Stone did for the movie JFK.

Anonymous said...

That's of course, if Fox doesn't block the release, which is what they're doing since WB doesn't want to settle with Fox.

Chris Knight said...

Fox is insane if they try to keep Watchmen from opening. They're going to be lucky if their Wolverine movie even opens all that well. They don't need to p-ss away the goodwill by stopping the opening of the most anticipated movie ever produced based on a graphic novel.

On a more humorous note, I heard someone tonight remark that Nixon in Watchmen looks much better than Nixon in Frost/Nixon, yuk yuk yuk :-P