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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Bush wants gate on public street to limit access to new home

I defy anyone to tell me that these people don't think of themselves as elitist royalty who believe they are better than the rest of us...

George W. Bush wants taxpayer money to pay for a gate to be installed on the public street where he will soon be living in Dallas after he leaves office in a few weeks. The gate will be a hindrance to those who already live on the street.

So because George W. Bush as a private citizen has chosen to live in a certain place, the right to free movement of not just his neighbors but all other Americans will be limited by act of government, paid for by our money, if this goes through.

Even without having it actually declared, is this not tantamount to granting Bush a de facto "title of nobility"?

If Bush is that concerned about his safety - though God only knows what ever gave him such a notion - then he should retreat to a house located a remote distance from any public thoroughfare, where he can provide for a gate and guards paid for out of his own pocket.

And isn't it funny that Bush wants to secure himself away behind a fence... when he hasn't done a damned thing about building a real barrier against illegal invasion along the border with Mexico?

America will not long survive tolerating this brand of hypocrisy. Maybe it's time for another storming of the Tuileries.


Anonymous said...

Bush will never be a private citizen again. I think that it is only right that he gets a gate installed so he can protect himself and his neighbors from the mess of media and everything else that will be coming to the neighborhood on his new street.


Chris Knight said...

I'm not saying that Bush doesn't have the right to be secure in his own home (since I believe that's a time-honored right for everyone). But it is wrong to delve into the public treasury for the benefit of a private individual.

That's something I hold to regardless of who it is that might be trying to get public money, be it a former president or a big corporation.

Go find the story of Horatio Bunce, a man of profoundly more wisdom than most people in Washington (or the rest of this country for that matter) for why this is a wrong thing to do for Bush.

Anonymous said...

He is already getting a secret service detail till he dies why not a gate?


Chris Knight said...

Because it is a gate on a public street that is only going to benefit a very few private individuals.

Constitutionally, that is extremely wrong.

And Bush will actually be the first former president who will only get Secret Service protection for the first ten years after leaving office.