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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cover of this February's issue of MAD Magazine

You gotta hand it to MAD Magazine: though its quality has declined over the past decade or so because of advertisements and the transition to color (but then again the MAD staff will probably be the first to argue that the magazine never had much quality anyway) it's still gets props for proving that it's willing to skewer anybody. Take a gander at the cover of the February 2009 issue, bearing witness to the first 100 minutes of Barack Obama's presidency...

Now that's a classic MAD cover! Go buy a copy and help the economy! :-P


Matt said...

That is one great cover. Does the site have one without the words, at a big resolution, so that I can set it as my wallpaper? :)

Anonymous said...

Nah, maybe I'm missing something, but I dont think that cover is clever enough. It does kind of skewer him, but thats only slight, as if the artist went out of his way not to be too offensive towards Obama. Like he held back some.

By the way, I havent seen MAD covers in some years. I seem to recall that they would have Alfred E Neuman on the cover of each and every issue. They would put his face in place of whatever movie star or politician they had on their cover. On this cover they didnt do that. When did they stop doing that and why? Or did they stop only for this issue?

Chris Knight said...

Sometimes MAD is subtle about where they put Neuman's mug. On this cover, his face is doing the classic "See no evil..." gag on the cover of the Chicago Tribune on Obama's desk. I think there's only been one time since MAD relaunched itself to be a parody magazine that Neuman's face was not on the front cover at all. That was a now-famous issue from the 70s that came out when all products were required to have UPC symbols. Well, MAD made the symbol on that cover fill up the ENTIRE page (while hoping it would cause cash register scanners to break down :-)