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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cult leader James Oldfield uses YouTube video of my performance of "Bohemian Rhapsody" to attack United Methodist Church

Right when you think that there are no more crazy headlines that this blog can possibly generate...

I just watched James Oldfield, second cousin and henchman of cult leader Johnny Robertson of what many here are calling the "Church of Christ In Name Only", use the YouTube video of my karaoke performance of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" on live television... to attack the United Methodist Church!

(I've already received one e-mail telling me that "whatever this guy is smoking, I want ten pounds of it.")

During the live television broadcast tonight of his show A Word from the Lord on WGSR out of Reidsville, North Carolina, James Oldfield and some other cultist that I'd never seen before, devoted the program to their latest "Religious Review" hijinks: this time, Oldfield was involved in ambushing not one but two Methodist congregations. And I was already having fun half-listening to Oldfield's comedic ramblings, thinking all while working on another project that "Robertson and Oldfield see through the glass just as darkly as the rest of us. What possibly leads them to believe that they have perfect understanding and the authority to lord that over us? They don't have any more monopoly on the truth than anyone else who is professing to follow Christ!"

See, I have no problem with so-called "denominations". And the Bible doesn't either. The seven churches of the Book of Revelation were clearly not in perfect accord with each other, and yet Christ still counted them among His followers.

(Yeah, I can do deep theology while simultaneously editing high-def video and writing for a client: am I a multi-tasking fiend, or what? :-)

But then, as if James Oldfield is not already more incoherent than usual, his frivolous arguments descended into the realm of the truly nutty...

Oldfield announced that Woodmont United Methodist Church in Reidsville was guilty of, something or 'nother, that was coming across as direly sinful. And what, pray tell, wound up being the grave iniquity that Woodmont had tolerated?

None other than the video of me doing karaoke of "Bohemian Rhapsody" during the strike party last month for Theatre Guild of Rockingham County's production of Oliver Twist.

Here it is, if you haven't beheld it already...

Yes folks, because I chose to do my ever-popular rendition of "Bohemian Rhapsody", the entire United Methodist Church is damned to Hell, according to James Oldfield!

Well, all I gotta say is: I don't mind at all that they chose to broadcast my performance. I've always done it for laughs, and whenever there's an audience to be found, I don't care how that performance gets conveyed.

Heck, I'll dare Oldfield and Robertson to post the segment of Oldfield's show tonight, where he played my "singing", on their own YouTube account! C'mon guys: show everyone the "case" that you have supposedly built against the Methodists using my karaoke. What have you got to hide? We're giggling at you already: why should this be any different?

Remember folks: don't sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" anymore or you'll be consigned to the stygian depths of the Abyss, forevermore amen.


Anonymous said...


I can't say I'm surprised by this. I expected as much when I saw that you'd posted the video, but thought they had just let it slide.

I'm so tired of these guys. They are just so full of baloney that they make the deli section of Kroger look like a vegetable garden.

Anonymous said...

Is this real? Chris you know I only found your blog today. This Oldfield person is your parody of something, right?

Chris Knight said...

It's no joke.

This is a real cult that is doing a lot of hurt to innocent people in this area. They have already falsely accused one church of engaging in child pornography. Among other things.

Johnny Robertson and James Oldfield are sick minds of the first order.

You found this blog at a good time. Hope you'll stick around! Fighting the forces of evil and having fun doing it, is par for the course around here :-)

Anonymous said...

How I wish they were a parody. Unfortunately, if possible, they parody themselves unintentionally.

Anonymous said...

Hold it, hold it! You mean to say that doing karaoke is a sin, that damns you to Hell?

No wonder I hate rock and roll! :D

Anonymous said...

Crazy church of Christ people aside, I finally watched the youtube video. It touched me profoundly, Chris. I mean, really, really moved me. The passion, the heart, the 70's era Han Solo haircut...

Stunning. Simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what is going on with Johnny Robertson and his friend. The only thing that I would disagree with is that utilizing a church that people give offerings to for God's purposes to have a secular party where you sing songs from Queen may not be the best decision for leadership in that church. Now does that have anything to do with eternal destination? No.

Your Friend,
Johnny Y (just to clarify who I am)

Chris Knight said...

Johnny Y,
It was the fellowship hall of Woodmont United Methodist, and it was the strike party for the production of a play performed by the Theatre Guild of Rockingham County. There were LOTS of small children present, in addition to their parents. I know for a fact that most of these families are followers of Christ who fellowship with other believers at a number of good congregations in the area, on a regular basis. If THEY had no problem with me performing "Bohemian Rhapsody", then I fail to see how anyone else could have a legitimate objection to it either.

And if I'm in trouble for doing this song, then Lord only knows what would have happened to me if I had performed to a Village People tune...

Anonymous said...

Oh get your panties out of a twist Oldfield. It was harmless fun and nothing 'sinful' about it. But the Church of Christ has shown its true colors by doing this Chris. They can't enjoy the life God gave them, they try to kill it for others instead. Do Johnny Robertson and James Oldfield do anything for fun themselves? They are probably scared that fun is a sin that will make God throw them in hell.

Anonymous said...


I am simply saying that it is the leadership of that church that will be held responsible for the decisions they make in their church. I personally do not believe it was a wise decision on their part. But that is between the leadership of that church and God. I have nothing to do with it.

I did not questions any individuals faith. I am sure that there are Christian people among your friends. In that respect, I do not believe that Johnny Robertson or his cohort are correct to judge the entire methodist church and its members based on a secular party held at a methodist church. I am only refering to the leadership of that church.

But Chris please do not get any ideas to perform village people at the methodist church. I believe this is all that Rockingham County can handle.

Your friend,
Johnny Y

Chris Knight said...

I just saw a television commercial for Wal-Mart. It featured several people singing "We Will Rock You" by Queen. That's the same band that did "Bohemian Rhapsody".

So I have to wonder: does James Oldfield shop at Wal-Mart? If he does, why is he doing business with a company that employs Queen music? I mean, logically, James Oldfield along with Johnny Robertson should be boycotting Wal-Mart entirely, if an entire church is to be condemned for one person (who is not a member of that particular church) singing another song by Queen.

How about it Oldfield: have you been steering clear of Wal-Mart?

Anonymous said...

So the actions of one or two people reflect on an entire denomination? That's just stupid.

What does the Bible say? How about "Judge not, lest ye be judged." What right do they have to condemn people to hell and play God?

Keep on rockin' in the free world, Chris

Anonymous said...

I have noticed Johnny Robertson and James Oldfield on their shows are always telling callers who are not COC members they are not saved basically saying they are going to hell.

Things seemed a little different when a caller phoned in a couple of weeks ago On Johnny Robertson's show commenting on praise dancing. The caller was Rev. Hairston from Reidsville. He seemed to be in complete agreement with Johnny on praise dancing which seemed to please Johnny a lot. Johnny never asked the caller what church he attended which he usually does.

The caller told Johnny he thought people praise dancing waddling on the floor was either lunatick or on crack cocaine.

These types of comments bother me and I wonder how a person comes to these conclusions. I realize there are some people that don't agree with praise dancing but what would make a person think, especially a reverend think someone praise dancing would be on crack cocaine?

Anonymous said...

Calvin, you aren't from here are you? Maybe someone should tell you what's going on. Johnny Robertson served time in prison for almost killing a man with a gun during armed robbery in Texas. After he got out no one would trust him because he is such a loser. Then a cult calling itself Church of Christ accepted him. And Robertson had a second cousin James Oldfield who as also a loser. The cult sent Robertson and Oldfield to the only place in America that they could get away with their cult activity in. Henry County Virginia. Then they found Charles Roark, who is also a convicted felon served time in prison, who only has work running his mothers television station because noone else trusts him. These three men, make this entire area look god awful. And all three of them hate Chris because he stood up to them, Chris used to work for Charles Roark at the Reidsville tv station but Roark fired him because Chris did commercials that made Roark's own look lousy. But Chris is telling people what's going on and now Roark Robertson and Oldfield want to kill him, that's what Johnny Robertson told someone that I know last summer.

Anonymous said...

James Oldfield = Heartless Bastard

Johnny Robertson = Heartless Bastard and Convicted Criminal

Charles Roark = Heartless Bastard and Convicted Criminal and Total Loser and Bisexual Gigolo

Anonymous said...

Why don't Oldfield and Robertson post the segment of Oldfield's show tonight on You Tube to receive comments? I think they should.

I think Johnny should post the video of the under-aged girls dancing in the Kernersville church on You Tube to see what the comments would be on that. If he believes what he said about the girls then why not let others comment.

bmovies said...

You could have avoided all this controversy by going with Elvis


Anonymous said...

Oh Chris I believe we are making progress with James, Thursday night I believe he told a caller that it did not matter the name on the building but what they taught inside.

Now according to the two fellows who visited my door a year ago, I had to be baptized by a CoC preacher, attend a CoC church in order to be saved.

At least it appears that James is starting to give ground on the name games of church buildings!

That's a big step for him to say my friend and it is a step away from the hard line view of the Danville version of hypercon CoC that I ran into!

Oh as for the singing, don't quit your day job! ;-P