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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Must-see WATCHMEN featurette

It's funny: tomorrow marks the fifth anniversary of this blog getting started. And right from the very beginning I've been writing about attempts to adapt Watchmen to the big screen, mostly about how it could never be made. And now, 64 days from today and after more than twenty years of trying to do it, Watchmen will actually come out (provided that the ridiculous legal fight that Fox is now waging against Warner Bros. gets resolved in time).

But while the lawyers hash it out in the courts, check out this Trailer Park-exclusive Watchmen piece with director Zach Snyder. Look at that shot of Dr. Manhattan shaking hands with President Kennedy at the White House: looks positively eerie! Also in this featurette are the scenes where Rorschach confronts Moloch in the kitchen and the whole exchange between Nite Owl and Comedian about "the American Dream".

This might be the biggest movie of 2009. And I'm already planning on seeing it at least twice on opening day :-)