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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Odd gadgets abound at CES 2009

The E-Cigarettes are just one of the numerous strange gizmos that PC World spotted at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show. Other dubious products being rolled out this year: a portable Blu-ray player with a nine-inch screen (ummmm... why?!), numerous second-rate Wii clones, and MP3 players that have already become out of date because of Apple's decision to remove digital rights management from iTunes. But the thing that I keep chuckling about for some reason is the CarStars. As the article puts it: "Personally, I can't think of anything more terrifying than trying to drive while knowing that at any moment Elton John or Lil Wayne may pop up out of nowhere and start blurting out song recommendations."


Anonymous said...

Apple should have made the E-Cigarettes. Then it could have called it the iSmoke.

Anonymous said...

actually, a portable Blue Ray makes perfect sense. Witness the extreme popularity of the compact portable DVD players for taking trips, etc. If you decide to invest in the BR movies, then you would be limited to when and where you can watch them without something portable.

mtarkhov said...

portable bluray? :D ha. doesnt make any sense, its easer to download movie & copy it on portable hd or media player.

still dont get it about e-cigarettes))

Anonymous said...

some of us mere mortals do not have hi-speed internet (so it wont take an entire day to download a movie), nor portable media players to watch videos on (I do not have an iPod, and I don't wish to watch a movie on a screen 2" wide), nor portable computers, or what not. I do have a nice home entertainment system, and love my BR player. SO, a portable B.R. is a logical item for folks like us.

Anonymous said...

I think what Chris was trying to say regarding the portable Blu-Ray Player is maybe that the screen is too small to watch Blu-Ray movies on, because Blu-Ray is meant to be watched on medium (32") to large (52" and up) HDTVs, and you don't get that High Def experience with a 9 inch screen.