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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Standard post-LOST episode reaction: "Jughead"

Awright, before I say anything else, I gotta get this off my chest...

That was the cheesiest-looking hydrogen bomb prop that I have ever seen.

It wasn't the device itself that bugged me. That actually looked the right size and shape of the first Teller-Ulam "gadgets". But to have it suspended from that tower, hanging off the ground nose-downward (and test bombs do not look like deliverable warheads, guys) by those cables, as if it were one bad drop away from blowing Lost Island to Kingdom Come...

Lost hasn't done hokey all that much. But that was the hokiest thing on this show to date.

But with that out of the way...

"Jughead" was definitely one of the best episodes of the series yet! Early word was that we would get answers to some hard questions about the show's mythology. So let's see: possibly the origin of the Others, Daniel's mom, a ton of background on Charles Widmore (who had a whiff of sympathy for once), Richard and how he knew to be in Tustin, California in 1956...

Did I miss anything?

One thing I can't help but think: that the young female Other who took Daniel out to the bomb... might her name turn out to be Eloise?

And I'm wondering if sometime later this season or next, after all the time-twisting settles down, if a certain long-buried nuke is gonna be found. Hey, Anton Chekov's rule of drama is: "If a gun is shown on the wall in Act 2 it must be fired in Act 3, if a gun is fired in Act 3 it must be shown on the wall in Act 2".

Jughead is certainly one honking big gun on the wall, yah? :-P


Anonymous said...

Maybe the US Army dropped Jughead from a plane and time on the island stopped right before it hit and the Others built the tower to keep it off the ground! Thats all I got.

Anonymous said...

I think the farthest out-there theory I've come across since last night's episode is that Desmond's fail-safe key caused the H-bomb to go off in another time with limited (but still major) effects in 'our' time = Hatch Implosion.

I say that's pretty far out there, but this show continues to do things that I would have never assumed before.

Other theories included the wink-wink you threw in about Ellie/Eloise. ("You look familiar ... mom." -Daniel) The idea that Daniel and Penny are separated siblings, and also, that Charles Widmore was a 'chosen one' which is why he hates Ben and why he couldn't go back to the island.

I need more time to mull. Whoever coined the term, "Lost Hangover" was right.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that I'm not the only one who thought that about the Jughead bomb! :)