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Friday, January 30, 2009

Yup, more WATCHMEN goodness!

Five weeks from today Watchmen opens in theaters. It's taken more than twenty years for a movie of this book to happen. And from the looks of things so far, it's gonna be done absolutely right (which had long been considered an impossible task).

Check out this new pic of some of the bad guys from the Minutemen era...

TotalFilm.com has even MORE new photos from Watchmen, including Dan's Arctic-conditions costume, the photo of Jon and Janey at the amusement park, and Billy Crudup in a very TRON-like motion capture suit during filming of the destroyed city scene.

And Movienewz.com has up some portraits of several of the characters, including Big Figure and his henchmen, Rorschach's psychiatrist and even one of Seymour! And yeah, Seymour is wearing just what you think he should be wearing.

So... does anyone know where a guy can find one of those cool Operation: Wrath of God patches?


Chris Knight said...

Very funny :-)

I was going to say that he looks like "the poor man's Karl Ruprecht Kroenen" :-P

Anonymous said...

I think that could be Captain Axis but he's in a different costume than in the comic. I thought he looked a lot like Kroenen from Hellboy also.


Anonymous said...

That Operation Wrath of God design would make a great tattoo!