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Friday, February 06, 2009

Bend over, here it comes again: "Stimulus" deal reached

Awright, I'm prepared to go ahead and say it: the Obama Presidency is already a disaster. And this legislation is gonna be about as successful as the Smoot-Hawley Act.

Word out of D.C. tonight is that a tentative agreement on the "stimulus" package has been reached in the Senate. It's probably going to be enacted law over the weekend or soon afterward.

Said "stimulus" is going to cost me and you, Fellow Taxpayer...


According to one senator, James Inhofe out of Oklahoma, the bill is only 7% stimulating and the rest of it is just more spending.

I remember the big budget battle in 1993. It's what really started opening my eyes on all the waste that goes on in the federal government. And I never thought that I would see anything that outrageous again.

If the phone lines to Washington D.C. don't burn up with angry calls starting tonight and into the next several days, if this thing passes, well... I can't help but wonder if this might even eclipse Smoot-Hawley in terms of economic destruction.

But on the bright side of things, at least Matthew Lesko will have plenty of new government money to stay happy for a good looooong time...


Anonymous said...

Actually, I thought it was like 805 Billion. Ooh great Chairman Maobama lead us unto the promised land.



Anonymous said...

CALL congress . .. and COMPLAIN . . .

(202) 224-3121

That's the Congressional switchboard . . . USE IT . . . .complain and write letters . . . or your great-grand-kids will be paying off this "stimulus" package.