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Sunday, February 01, 2009

A commercial you won't see during the Super Bowl tonight

CatholicVote.org attempted to buy airtime to run this thought-provoking spot during the Super Bowl tonight. But NBC refused, on grounds that the commercial time isn't for "political advocacy or issues". CatholicVote.org is quick to point out that People for Ethical Treatment of Animals already received approval for a racy and suggestive promo it created.

Here's the spot that CatholicVote.org came up with. I find it to be exceptionally powerful, and well within the bounds of good taste. And in my mind, there is no reason at all why NBC should have refused to run it...

Thanks to Geoff Gentry for the heads-up.


Anonymous said...

Kind of ironic, considering that our current President declared that deciding when life begins was "above his paygrade". Ugh.

Great commercial though.