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Monday, February 23, 2009

Funniest DILBERT cartoon ever

Yesterday's Dilbert cartoon by Scott Adams brought whole new meaning to the term "comic strip" (while also skewering the entire "green" movement). Click to enlarge...


Anonymous said...

Dilbert is still one of the funniest strips out there ... Continuity question: Where'd his flippy tie come from in frame five ...?

Chris Knight said...

Maybe it came untucked from under his shirt, since it's so used to being out like normal?

Or maybe it was intentional on the part of Scott Adams, since he's said that Dilbert's tie is an indicator of his ummm... "luck with ladies". So I guess it's just an indicator that other than lacking attire, Dilbert's status is normal.

(That's the best I could come up with :-)

Anonymous said...

Well, it wouldn't be a Dilbert cartoon without his signature apparel, so I have no qualms, regardless of continuity.