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Monday, February 09, 2009

Image of Jesus on my closet door?!?

This might be the stupidest post that I've ever made on this blog (and that's sayin' something). I'll let you, Dear Reader, judge for yourself.

It's sort of my friend Kevin Bussey's fault (even though he's a totally great guy :-). His blog, Confessions of a Recovering Pharisee, is one of my favorites: not just because he offers up a lot of terrific insight as a brother in Christ, but also for his fondness of posting about the more whimsical news of the world. And he especially enjoys sharing the occasional stories about "apparitions" of Jesus or Mary materializing in loafs of bread, lava lamps etc.

So yesterday Kevin had this item about what is supposedly a picture of Jesus in a car dealership's door. It reminded me of something that I'd promised to do for Kevin over the past few months. And seeing that picture well... I couldn't help but think "Hey, my Jesus is more Jesusy than their Jesus!"

So I might as well get this over with...

Here it goes: my old closet door has a very curious wood grain pattern in it, that many people over the years have said looks exactly like Jesus Christ holding out His hands.

On the right (click to magnify) is the best photo that I was able to take of it, over at my parents' house last night. But trust me: this looks much better in real life than it does in the picture. Even in subdued light, the visual signature is readily discernible. Several people who have visited my old room have said that they can make out the hair, brow, eyes, nose, and mouth of a male figure who seems to be standing. Most of the folks who have seen it swear that they can see the figure is wearing a robe or similar garment.

The most interesting feature of the pattern is that it seems as though, if indeed people are seeing a man (or Son of Man) here, that it/he/He is holding two hands out in front of him, in apparently perfect proportion to the rest of the figure.

So... what do y'all think: is this just a regular wooden pattern, or is it a bona fide photographic anomaly?

I'll have it be known here and now though: I do not want flocks of pilgrims lining up to see this! So far as I'm concerned, there's nothing supernatural about it at all. And it wouldn't be proper to come oggle this anyway: if the Bible teaches us that not even the angels are to be worshiped, then I can't begin to imagine how much worse it is to pay homage to an inanimate hunk of wood.

But all the same, I will confess a curiosity as to what others might be seeing in this picture.



Anonymous said...

I see it. Spookiii.

Lee Shelton said...

Hmmmmm. How do we know it isn't an image of Judas?

Kevin Bussey said...

Looks like the Grim Reaper to me

Anonymous said...

I second the Grim Reaper.

Chris Knight said...

Well as messy as my room used to be, it could honestly be said that it was certain death to open the closet... :-P

Lee Shelton said...

It actually looks more like the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come. Feelin' a little Scroogey lately?

Chris Knight said...

I did play Marley's Ghost in a stage production of A Christmas Carol once, many years ago. Come to think of it, I've still got the chains from my costume somewhere.

Anonymous said...

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Howzit said...

It looks like a door.