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Monday, February 09, 2009

Internet video, Netflix enticing many to cut cable TV

Interesting story about technology and the economy: vast numbers of people are canceling their cable television service, opting to get their TV with old-fashioned antennas instead. Rising cable rates and the ever-increasing need to cut back on expenses is one reason. So is this: a lot of folks are now turning to broadband Internet - either through pay services like iTunes or bittorrent downloads - to get their fix of the shows that they like. Netflix's popularity is also considered a factor in the decrease for cable TV.

I could easily see this trend continuing, and into some potentially very interesting new territory over the next several years. Like, f'rinstance: a group of video bloggers, armed with inexpensive equipment and bleeding-edge Internet bandwidth, setting up a live operation on par with anything Fox News and CNN is doing.

Don't think it can't happen.


Lee Shelton said...

If that happens, don't think the government won't try to step in and regulate it (e.g. requiring a license to broadcast via the web, enforcing the "fairness" doctrine, cracking down on copyright "infringement," etc.).

Anonymous said...

is this more gov control?

Anonymous said...

I'd hope that as more people watch online, new quality content will find an audience via the Internet - like indie films that don't get much if any theater distribution. One challenge of course is how people will find the content, which is what we're trying to address at Jinni with search and recommendations from the Movie Genome. Meanwhile, I'll wait for the guerilla video news bloggers!