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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Post #3000 is reaction to tonight's LOST episode "316"!

Wow... three thousand articles (and other stuff) for this blog to date! Thatsa lotta writing over the past five years :-)

And "316", tonight's episode of Lost, had a lot of everything that makes this show, so unprecedented for the television medium.

That was probably more new mythology that got introduced - or revealed, however you wanna say it - in just the first few minutes of this week's installment than there has been in many entire stretches of episodes. There's a real sense of evolving story here. And "316" makes one appreciate that there is just more than a season and a half left of Lost: this is one show that knows where it's going, and is giving us one heckuva thrill ride along the way.

(So does anyone wanna build a big Focault pendulum so that we can really find where the Island is? :-P)

Loved the scene in the church where Ben talked about the apostle Thomas. Anyone else think that showed a new, spiritual side to Ben that we haven't seen before? It served to highlight one of the best running themes of the show: Jack, the "man of science", and his struggle with faith.

Great to see Frank Lapidus again. I loved his line: "We're not going to Guam, are we?" I just hope he and the rest of the plane are okay. Frank was one of my favorite new people from last season. 'Twould be great if he winds up on the Island again somehow.

All in all, this was more of a character-driven episode than one really rife with action (except for that startling final scene)... but that's what makes Lost so powerful anyway: the characters, and how they cope and change and grow over time. I'll chalk "316" up, along with everything else we've seen of Season 5 thus far, as one of the best of the show to date.

And next week's episode has a title that outta have every Lost-aholic tuning in: "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham". What happened to Locke between the time he left the Island and his winding up in a coffin in a butcher shop's 'fridge? We'll find out in seven days! Until then... "Namaste".


Anonymous said...

Where is Aaron?

How did Ben get beat up?

Why was Sayid arrested?

How did Hurley get on the plane?

Where is the plane now?

Why is Jin in a Dharma suit?


Congratulations too on so many posts :)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap, Chris! Congratulations on making it to 3000 posts. I only have nine posts on my blog, then again I only started last week lol.

-Drew M

Chris Knight said...

I added your blog to the big list on the right Drew. I'm enjoying your stuff and here's hoping that you have many more years of it :-)

Anonymous said...

I predicted correctly about 10 or 15 minutes ahead of time that Frank Lapidus would be the pilot. When his voice came on, I wasn't surprised at all.

Everyone who wasn't there for Hawking's lesson on the island seemed really spooked. They acted like they were scared into getting on the plane. They also seemed a little shocked to see each other and Jack. I wonder if the others were visited by island "ghosts."

I also wonder where Aaron was and how his absence will affect things. I wonder if Kate gave Aaron to his real grandmother.

Why did Hurley have a guitar case? My guess is he was visited by Charlie's "ghost" and was instructed to take a guitar on the plane to help re-create another aspect of the original crash. Either that, or he's carrying something more important in the case than a guitar.

I think the Oceanic "5" ended up on the island in the past during the same time jump that put Jin, Juliet, and the others there. It's probably during that time period that Jin & Daniel are having to pose as Dharma people and perhaps when Daniel tries to talk a younger version of Charlotte into staying away from the island (which is probably in vain).

It's odd that this is the most complex season *and* the season that makes the most sense, both at the same time. Who'd have thought that excessive time travel could be used to clarify things rather than make things more confusing. Good stuff.

Oh, and if the time jumps continue for a while longer and if they can jump into the future, I wonder if we'll see an adult Aaron on the island.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Chris. I hope to do more than just reviewing stuff on it, eventually. But, for right now, I'm just having fun doing that. And it gives me an excuse to catch up and read my two favorite comics.

-Drew M

Lee Shelton said...

My favorite line: "Wait a second. We're not going to Guam, are we?"

Chris Knight said...

I just realized something...

Jack had brought John and his casket onto the flight.

It was Ajira Air, Flight 316.

And the note to Jack said "You should have believed me."

Put them together and you get...

John 3:16 - "...believeth in me..."


Lee Shelton said...

FYI, there's a web site for Ajira Airways.

Katherine said...

Whoa, the John 3:16 is a huge revelation!!! I totally did not put that together, though I did love the Thomas scene with Ben and Jack in the church.

I did chuckle out loud when Frank asked "We're not going to Guam, are we?", but my favorite line was when Hurley looked at the guy next to him and said "Dude, you might want to fasten your seatbelt."

I love this show!! Can't wait to see how they continue to weave it all together!!