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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Reaction to tonight's LOST: "The Little Prince"

That sound and probable accompanying seismic activity you might have sensed in the past ten minutes was millions of Lost fans bellowing out a collective "Whoa!!!"

Four episodes into Season 5, and if anything Lost is gaining momentum, not losing it. I thought "The Little Prince" was even better than last week's "Jughead". It seemed perfectly balanced with everything that makes this show, perhaps the best on television right now. It had action, it had humor, it had the depth of character (I especially liked Locke's line about how he didn't want to undo the pain in his life, that the pain is what made him who he was). And it had an abundance of new mystery.

And yeah: he's back and he's alive!

"The Little Prince" might be the best episode of the new season so far. Up next week: "This Place is Death".


Anonymous said...

I agree Chris, I think it was an excellent episode. It had everything. I'm not one of those that falls into a particular camp; I love the mythology, the sci-fi and the character development of the show. I almost cried
during the part where Sawyer is watching Clare give birth, it also left me thinking back to Season 1 when Aaron could only be soothed by Sawyer's voice.

Can't wait for next week!!!