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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Texas preparing for possible collapse of Mexican government

This might be the most under-reported story in America right now, that has the potential to wreck the most havoc on this country: the escalating violence of the drug wars in Mexico and the teetering stability of that country's government.

I've got friends in Mexico City who tell me they can't believe us Yanks aren't talking about this "enough". Juarez, straight across the border from El Paso, has seen more than fifteen hundred murders already in the past year. Many of them have been of the "send a message" variety... particularly the bodies that the police are finding sans heads.

So maybe this'll open some eyes: the government of the state of Texas is bracing for a likely collapse of Mexico's authority and the millions of refugees that would no doubt be streaming north to escape the chaos.

Should this happen, the services infrastructure of the United States... well, it ain't in such hot shape either, is it?

Whatever happens, it will assuredly not be anything like this great clip from the Latino Comedy Project...