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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bankrupt of principles, Republicans now turning on each other

What is going on in recent days with the Republican Party and its adherents who still proclaim to be "conservative" reminds me terribly of the events of John Carpenter's The Thing. The men of Antarctic base Outpost 31 in that movie grow increasingly paranoid, even violent toward each other. As Wilford Brimley's character tells MacReady (Kurt Russell) at one point: "I don't know who to trust."

I don't think the Republicans have been infiltrated by aliens just yet (as happens in another John Carpenter movie, They Live) but ever since this past weekend's annual Conservative Political Action Conference you would think that the party is divvying up and preparing to go at it with flamethrowers and fire axes. But I think that the "mainstream press" (now more worthless than ever) is missing the real story here. This power struggle among so-called "conservatives" is only happening because the Republicans are so utterly void of foundational principles, that it now stands revealed - and just as much as the Democrats - as being only concerned with the acquisition and maintaining of political power. For all the cooing of how "wonderful" Rush Limbaugh's speech was about getting Republicans back in control of the White House and Congress, nobody among these people are daring to ask themselves "Do we deserve to be in power?"

I propose that the Republicans/conservatives' failure to address this with the humility it deserves, cries out that they don't deserve any more power. They had eight years to do as they pleased, and they did absolutely nothing substantive with it. Why should we trust them with more opportunity and authority? How can we respect them when the only thing they accomplished the last time was radically increasing the size of government and wasting a countless amount of our money?

The sooner we accept this truth, the sooner this country can begin on the road to real recovery: neither of the two major political parties has America's best interest at heart. There is no faith to be had whatsoever in either the Democrats or the Republicans. Together, these two "factions" are driving this nation full-bore toward the cliff. I can't see how arguing about who's at the steering wheel is going to make any real difference.