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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reaction to tonight's LOST: "He's Our You"

I've got one thing to say about that ending:

HOLY #&$@!!!

Well, Sayid's done and gone scrooooooowed things up now, hasn't he?

"A twelve-year old Ben Linus brought me a chicken salad sandwich. How do you think I am?"
After half a season of reconfiguring its style every which-away, Lost returned to familiar roots tonight with a Sayid-centric "flashback" episode. Didn't make it any less of the thrill that we've come to expect lately. "He's Our You" was the payoff for last week's show, which a lot thought was a step-down from the recent intensity.

Leave it to Lost to crank it up again and break the needle right at the end of an episode.

It's always good to see William Sanderson in anything. But his role as the torturer might have been the creepiest character that I've ever seen him as. I thought it was one of the more inspired bits of Lost casting that we've seen (and that's saying plenty good). Also loved seeing the circumstances of Sayid's presence on Ajira 316 being revealed.

And did anyone else catch the DHARMA logo on Hurley's jumpsuit? Heh-heh... wouldn't it be nifty if an official Lost: Hurley's DHARMA Initiative Cookbook wound up on bookshelves? :-P

Excellent episode, as usual. Can't wait for next week's, titled "Whatever Happened, Happened".

(And the Internets will be burning up for the next seven days about whether he "lives or dies", no doubt...)


Anonymous said...

Here's what I think. Daniel is right that whatever happened happened and there is no changing that. Ben was still a sweet kid up until Sayid shot him. That is what starts Ben on the path where he trusts no one and turns into the arch manipulator he is 30 years later. Ben will live but Sayid is responsible for what he has become.

Chris Knight said...

But that means, in a twisted sorta fashion... that Ben created himself!

Since it was Ben who first twisted Sayid from mere torturer into a killer. It was Ben who first put the thought into Sayid's head that it was in his nature to kill.

Could it possibly be that Ben does recognize Sayid from when they "first" met in 1977, and he prodded Sayid into embracing his killer instinct precisely because he needs Sayid to shoot his childhood self when Sayid went back?

When talking about Benjamin Linus, just about anything is possible. I wouldn't put it past him to do just that.

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