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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Star Wars fan does 110 MPH trying to race toward eBay bid

From the Seattle, Washington side of the galaxy: a 46-year old man was stopped for speeding on I-90 by State Patrol troopers. He was doing an astonishing 110 miles per hour and once he had finally been pulled over, officers found his car loaded with Star Wars memorabilia.

The man's reason for going so fast? He was trying to rush home to bid for another Star Wars item on eBay.

Click on the link above for some hilarious reader comments!


Anonymous said...

You're right Chris.. The comments are better than the article! "Nerfhearder"... Classic.

AfterShock said...

Oh man, the comments are a riot! Got a great laugh out of them... :)

Anonymous said...

Well...can't wait to see the comments on the guy that gets pulled over trying to bid on a Back to the Future auction. lol