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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Twelve hours from now...

...I will be in a movie theater, beholding the film adaptation of Watchmen.

This is a day that I have literally been waiting for, ever since early 1990 when I first read the book. More than that if you count that the first time I heard about Watchmen at all was in summer of 1988 and the very first whispers of adapting it into a movie.

I've been writing about the attempts to turn Watchmen into a full-length feature from the very beginning of this blog. Most of the time, it's been to share my belief that this is a book that has been and will remain impossible to film.

But all the same, here we are: on the eve of the release of Watchmen in cinemas.

I'm heading out early this evening to join some friends who have likewise been waiting a long time for this movie. Will report back later with my initial reaction.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of comic book movies, have you seen the new trailer for X-Men Origins: Wolverine? If you have, did you see what they did to Deadpool, supposedly?

-Drew M.