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Friday, March 27, 2009

What should we call the UN's global currency?

So not only are several countries wanting to ditch the U.S. dollar as the main instrument of international trade, but a United Nations panel is now calling for a new global currency. Officially it's being touted as a "Global Reserve System".

If this new money becomes a reality, it's gonna need a name, just like for the dollar and the euro and the yen, etc.

"Global Reserve System", eh? Well then, how about we call the base note of this proposed cross-borders currency...

- the greaser

- the grisly

- the gross

- the grue

- ?

My favorite pick is the grue. Like, you can have several grues in your wallet (where they like it dark). And just like the grues of the Zork games, they are always eager to devour the unwary.

Got any ideas? Let's hear 'em! :-)


Anonymous said...

The Grisun.
Hmm... G.R.S. at the UN?

The Grasun?

The Grosun?

The Gresun?

The Grusun?

The Grisun?

I have no idea.

Anonymous said...

How about the Mark of the Beast?

Or the F*** the Dollar

Anonymous said...

I like the Grue too. Even though I never played a Zork game.

Anonymous said...

How about Grass? Under one meaning of the term, it's already a global currency.

Anonymous said...

I like Grue as well, but possibly as a less-unwieldy name for multinational corporations. For the same reasons: Like the dark, devour the unwary. :)

Anonymous said...

After seeing those images last year of the already-printed Ameros, I reckon it will be something along those lines. No, it's not a single 'global' currency, but it's equivalency to the Euro leads me to believe that we'll see more currency changes along these lines before a universal 'dollar' or whatever you want to call it gains any power.