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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Yah here's my thoughts on tonight's LOST: "LaFleur"

So with four full seasons of dangling threads from mythology still left unaddressed, tonight's new episode of Lost introduces entirely new mythology... and along with the previous two episodes completely reinvents the series. With a season and a half still left.

Now that takes brass ones.

Of all the episodes this season thus far, "LaFleur" was the one that I thought has come the most wild out of left field. Maybe even ranking up there with "Flashes Before Your Eyes" and "The Constant" as among the most unorthodox of Lost episodes. But oh so spot-on for this most exceptional of television series.

This was one of the best Sawyer-centric episodes yet. Seeing him in tonight's show, and then looking back on what kind of man Sawyer was in Season 1, there's a great sense of appreciation of how much he has grown and matured: from the vindictive con man, to a real nurturer and protector. But he hasn't forgotten how to pull a fast one when he has to. For some reason I thought Sawyer's best scene was when he was laying the smack down on Richard Alpert: it was like "I know who you are so don't mess with me."

Lots of good new DHARMA Initiative stuff ('specially good to see Horace again) and intriguing hints about the Hostiles. And hey, we finally got to see the rest of the Four-Toed Statue, if only for about three seconds. Granted it was only the back of it but hey, at least we know there really was more to it, aye?

The reunion at the end: we saw that coming, but it made it no less powerful. And so television's most-discussed love triangle has become... a quadrangle. Should be fun to see where this goes.

Not as tense or hurried as last week's "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham", but I thought "LaFleur" held its own very well. No new Lost next week, but we'll do this again on the 18th! :-)


Anonymous said...

Ah, Love-Square. How I missed you.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Lost is making less and less sense every episode. The writers keep adding these storylines that are backed up by nothing. It seems like none of the characters are really aware or care about how bizarre of a situation they are in. Why does John Locke need to die in order for the Oceanic 6 to come back to the island? Why do they need to come back to the island to save the others? Why do none of the characters ask any questions? I mean, we havn't even really gotten a clear answer on what The Others were dong on the island, and Juliet is one of them. Why dosn't she tell them in detail who exactly The Others are, what they were doing on the island, and all the details that she knows about the island. Why don't the rest of them try to get more answers from her. Who are the Dharma initiative? Its obvious that they are doing research and stuff, but I just find it really strange how Sawyer and people don't just ask them wtf is going on? It seems like none of the characters care about getting answers anymore. This show is pissing me off. Anyways, if you missed tonights episode, check it out online here...


...and try to see if my rant makes any sense to you.

Geoff Gentry (aka xforce11) said...

I hope they keep James & Juliette and Jack & Kate as couples. I like where James is now and don't want to see his character backslide.

Lee Shelton said...

My question: When did Benjamin Linus defect to The Others? Wouldn't he have been with the Initiative between 1974-1977? The problem I have with the show is that it forces you to recall storylines from two or three seasons ago -- and since I don't own the DVDs, it makes it more difficult to follow.

I think the trick is to just forget trying to figure things out and enjoy the ride. As brilliant as the writers are, I doubt they will be able to tie up all the loose ends in less than two seasons.