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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last LOST post-episode reaction until January 2010

I am literally hoarse from screaming during the past two hours.

Just the opening few minutes of tonight's Lost fifth season finale, "The Incident", whammed everyone hard upside the head and didn't let up.

Last week we got "Follow the Leader", which was marginally an episode focusing on Richard... even though we didn't actually find out anything new about him that we didn't already know. I enjoyed that episode but for the past week, that lack of new mythology when given the opportunity has bugged me a lot.

So what do we get to make up for it this week? How does Season 5 end?

With a Jacob-centric episode.


Jacob. The statue (a hella lot more about it than has ever been revealed before). The Black Rock. The "lists". What happened to Rose and Bernard. Vincent! How Hurley got talked into going back to the Island. The incident at the Swan station. What happened to Dr. Chang's arm (which I totally called on Twitter several minutes before we saw it)...

Won't be sleeping tonight again, like every other Lost season finale.

The two biggest questions for the next nine months: if Locke is still dead, then who the #&@* is that who went into the statue to see Jacob?

(My guess right off the cuff: that's really "the Monster" that's been imitating Locke all this time, and it was the Monster that we saw goading Jacob on the Island in the 1800s-era first scene of tonight's episode. There is some kind of enmity between Jacob and whatever the Monster really is, and the Monster has been trying to kill Jacob all this time. And now, in a master stroke of irony, Benjamin Linus himself has been manipulated into doing what the Monster has failed to do on its own thus far.)

And as Marvin the Martian once put it: "Where's the Ka-boom?! There was supposed to be an Earth-shattering Ka-boom!" LOVED how the episode ended with the total reverse of the usual Lost black card: blinding white this time, with Lost in black lettering.

Ye gods, my brain is frazzled after the past two hours!

Okay, I'm gonna have to watch that again. The scenes with Jacob alone might make this the most important Lost episode to date.

And if tomorrow is like any other Lost finale day-after, I'll likely be posting some more thoughts and observations as they hit me :-)

EDIT 11:44 p.m. EST: So... what is it that "lies in the shadow of the statue"?

Richard answered in Latin: "Ille qui nos omnes servabit".

Just hearing from multiple sources that it translates into English as "He who will save us all."



Matt said...

These posts makes me wish that I would actually get back into LOST. I am always fascinated by the show, but for some reason I can only watch an episode or two every 9 months. :/

Todd W said...

Now, the big questions are: (1) Did the big boom do exactly what it was intended to do, did it fizzle out, or something in between; (2) If the reset button really has been pressed, what could season six possibly be about (and, for it to be about anything, could the Losties be back at point zero but somehow retaining their memories of their time on the island)?

Could the first episode of season six possibly include all the previous cast at the Australia airport? Unless there's stock footage, we know we can't see Walt there (the actor has aged too much).

Two of the few loose ends not yet tied up is that (1) what will happen to the group of people on the island in 2007; (2) Will there ever be any consequences to Aaron not being on Ajira 316 since "everyone" was supposed to go back (or better yet, is Aaron himself a "loophole")?

Chris Knight said...

I'm starting to think that all this time, without even realizing it, we have been watching a cosmic battle of good and evil - God versus Satan - unfolding on LOST.

So much is starting to become very clear.

Matt said...

Aw come on now Chris! LOST? A Christian parable?

Yeah, riiiight. The only thing I could honestly say was an American TV Christian parable was Carnivale, and even *that* was by a long shot.

Damn good show though. Shame it was canceled. :(

Chris Knight said...

Am quite serious Matt. It's been in front of us the entire time, from the pilot episode even: "white" versus "black". Two sides. And tonight, like Jacob told Ben, "you can choose".

Ever read Stephen King's "The Stand"? The Lost showrunners have said it's one of the books that has influenced the show the most. In the past little bit I've wondered if Jacob might be a kind of figure like Mother Abigail is in that novel. And whatever this other... entity is, be it the Monster or something else... is like Randall Flagg.

What if what we thought was Jacob's cabin, all this time, was really where the anti-Jacob was being kept? Ilana and her gang were rattled by the circle being broken around it. Maybe that's how the false Jacob got loose.

The story we thought we have been watching, hasn't been the real story at all. It's almost like "The Sixth Sense" all over again.

Anonymous said...

There are some serious biblical undertones happening in this episode. As you have mentioned already, i was also getting the impression that this whole thing has led us to a battle of good vs. evil.

The conversation at the beginning talks about "finding a loophole." At the end of the episode, Jacob says that you "found your loophole." Jacob is not talking to Locke... he is speaking with the same man he spoke with at the beginning of the episode disguised as Locke.

They probably cannot kill each other; and Jacob is only to speak to the leader and no one else. With this man disguised as Locke, he can therefore see Jacob, bring Ben with him and have Ben kill Jacob.