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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Les Misérables: Customers angry after some KFCs can't honor Oprah coupons

I first heard about this on the Twitter feeds earlier this evening and wondered then what this was about. Now we know...

Oprah Winfrey's website ran a promotion with KFC, offering coupons for 24 hours. The coupons were worth two pieces of grilled chicken, two individual side items and a biscuit.

Except several KFCs were reportedly unable to honor the coupons. Some locations said they had run out of chicken and others, for one reason or another, flat-out refused to take the coupons altogether.

Word has reached this blogger of "rioting" (whatever that means: I've seen riots of various degrees in my time) in at least two KFCs, and one restaurant where angry patrons staged a "sit-in" and demanded their chicken.

Parse all of this as you will...

(Hey, I've been wanting to use that Oprah-zilla graphic for a loooong time. Can you blame a guy for jumping on the occasion? :-)


Unknown said...

Careful downloading it too. One of our IT guys at work said it had spyware attached.