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Friday, May 15, 2009

Selective Myopia: James Dobson decries "utter evil" Congress

I still can't believe that I almost went to work for this guy...

James Dobson of Focus on the Family is telling his radio listeners that there is now "utter evil" coming out of Congress. What scares Dobson, he claims, is so-called "hate crimes" legislation: the proponents of which want tougher penalties for those convicted of criminal acts committed against others because of "sexual orientation".

Now folks, I'm against "hate crimes" legislation myself. Because in my mind there is no such thing as a "hate" crime. Does the motive honestly matter why somebody chooses to hurt another, if the end result is the same as any other circumstance? I have as much sympathy for a victim of a criminal act as I will for any other... but I'm not gonna consider one victim to be any more "special" than someone else because of alleged precipitating criteria. So as far as that goes, I will say that I have to agree with Dobson.

Where I can not agree with him however, is what is very apparently his underlying motivation for saying such a thing. Indeed, there is little doubting the motivation for much of Focus on the Family's "ministry"...

"I want to tell our listeners something has come up that is so shocking and so outrageous, we must make our friends out there aware of it," he said on his daily radio program.

"I'm going to speak very bluntly today because there's no other word for it: the utter evil that's coming out of Congress," he said. "I've been on the air 32 years and I've never seen a time quite like this.

"The radical left controls the executive branch through the president, and the Congress where the Democrats have control of both the House and the Senate," he said, adding the courts are expected to move even further to the left."

Anytime I hear phrases like "radical left" or "far right", those pop a honkin' big red flag in my head... 'cuz such words scream what this is all about. And his very tired hyperbole like "so shocking and so outrageous" isn't working in Dobson's favor either.

James Dobson is primarily interested in "his side" regaining political control of Congress and the White House.

Except James Dobson apparently fails to realize that "his side" had both for most of the past decade, and accomplished... what, exactly, in that time?

Professing Christians in America like James Dobson still believe - and very foolishly, I will add - that this country can be saved through politics.

They are so much more wrong about that, than I can possibly put into words.

These people have become blinded by might. They have placed more faith in their own understanding than they have placed in the Christ whom they claim to follow.

And as I have said before: people like James Dobson have no sincere interest at all in issues like "gay marriage" and abortion being defeated and going away. Opposition to them brings in a huge amount of money to organizations like Focus on the Family. Why else did the Republicans never make any serious attempt to pass an amendment to the Constitution protecting "traditional marriage" when they controlled Congress? Because so long as they can keep promising to oppose it, there'll always be plenty of well-meaning rubes gullible enough to keep voting for them.

This is all a game, folks. The politicians in both major parties have been playing us like pieces for too damned long. And people like James Dobson and too #@*&-ing many others don't care one whit about what is right: they just want to have a seat at "the king's table".

So if we can't put our faith in politics, what do we put our faith in, then?

Maybe... God?

And not the "God" that people like Dobson would have us believe has decreed that "Thou shalt not vote against any Republican", either.

I mean a serious and sincere turning away from what we want: rejecting any desire for worldly power, and heartfelt repenting of ever having lusted for such a thing.

If there is evil at work in the land, it is because we - all of us, including the professing "conservatives" and "Republicans" - let it happen by trusting in ourselves more than we trusted in God.

Yes, this demands that thing called "humility" which has become inordinately out of fashion among too many of those who claim to follow Christ. But that is what it is going to require.

And until I hear a call for that coming out of the mouth of James Dobson, I see no reason why any of us should consider him to be a real "Christian leader" at all.


Gary Ceres said...

I've spoken out against Dobson so many, many times. I'm with Chris in that I oppose hate crimes legislation too because it is essentially thought control. Crime is crime. If I slaughter fifty people uttering the word redneck...I'm not a racist...I'm a serial killer psychopath and ought to be tried as such.

Dobson though is a demigogue (sp.). This is the guy who had on his agenda attacks on spongebob as a front for homosexuality. He needs to get a life.

Anonymous said...

James Dobson is the best CHILD PSYCHOLOGIST in the world, according to the holder of this opinion. His works on child behavior, discipline and understanding children and adolescents are must-reads, even for the non-Christian.

Where I draw the line with Dobson is where he purports to speak for God in theological matters. His Doctorate is Psychology, not Theology. When he writes Theological treatises, he is giving us nothing that Johnny Robertson can't give us...and Johnny can at least make it interesting ;) .

Think about that . . .
Ol' You-Know-Who

Matt said...

Y'know, I have never felt much for Dobson and his "Focus" on the Family. I never really have seen much allure to him, at any point in his life.

Maybe because he is so right aligned, and I am very much close to the center (I call myself a Conservative-Liberal for that very reason). Maybe he is because he is against gay marriage, and I am all for it.

Or maybe its because he is far too attached to the politics of this world, and not of the politics of the World Beyond.

Anyways, what I am trying to say, is, I am not very surprised at all of his hoopla over this.

And Democrats? Evil? That's something only a Republican would say.

Chris Knight said...

All the more reason not to exercise "special consideration" then.

Why don't you try to see it from the angle of the individual, instead of (FILL IN NAME OF GROUP HERE)?

In the eyes of the law, it shouldn't matter if the person is white, black, homosexual, what have you. Am I claiming that it's a perfect system we have? Absolutely not. But the sort of "retro-discrimination" that you are suggesting can not and will not achieve that, either.

Anonymous said...

"In the eyes of the law"

EXACTLY! My point!

How many times have you been discriminated against? Gee, that many?

What I thought.

Chris Knight said...

Honestly friend, I don't know what your point is. And I wish that I could or that I could understand what you think that I mean.

"How many times have you been discriminated against? Gee, that many?"

You might be surprised.

And I don't care to go into the situations that have happened, for a number of reasons. Suffice it to say: at one point or another we all are "discriminated" against, by someone or another.

But I don't linger on it. And I don't think that anybody should linger on it either. That's not what should define a person.

As I said before: I know it's not a perfect and ideal system. But we can at least strive to have that as best we can. And equal justice without consideration of personal status is certainly part of that. If a person commits a crime against another, let the miscreant be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. With no consideration as to motive.