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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Swine flu has FINALLY infected swine!

It's taken more than a week, but tonight the first confirmed case of the swine flu infecting REAL swine has been reported.

The plague-laden pigs were found in Alberta, Canada: a loooong way from what's thought to be the initial hot zone down South of the Border.

Meanwhile, news agencies all over have been struggling with what to call the epidemic, since it's apparently "not nice" to refer to it as "swine flu". In the past few days there's been a dramatic shift on the part of journalists toward calling it simply the "H1N1 virus".

Can't say that really rolls off one's tongue, aye? So I noted to one reporter that it adapts well in "leet-speek"...

...so maybe we should start calling it the "Hiney-virus" :-P