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Thursday, May 21, 2009

"They call it spreading hope!" It's ABC's trailer for V!

This could be the breakout hit of the 2009-2010 television season. But what has me gushing with joy is the return of the blood-red "V" graffiti! And I especially love how the reboot updates the premise of the original miniseries by having resistance to the Visitors spreading viral on the Internet.

Check out ABC's first trailer for V...


Geoff Gentry (aka xforce11) said...

Elizabeth Mitchell (Juliet from Lost) will be in this in addition to Lost. They plan to do 4 seasons with around 16 eps each season.

Chris Knight said...

Geoff, this thing has got me stoked like nothing quite like it ever. I loved V the original miniseries. It had gobs of potential before the NBC suits ruined it. It was very ahead of its time and now it looks like the concept is finally going to be given the justice it deserves.

On the night that it finally airs I might have to spray-paint a red "V" somewhere safe :-P

Lee Shelton said...

Did you note the quotes about "embracing change" and "gratitude can turn into worship"? Hmmmmmmm.

By the way, Jane Badler may have had it goin' on in the '80s, but Morena Baccarin is the purdiest lizard I ever seen!

Chris Knight said...

At least one person has already said that ABC's new V is going to be "Republican fantasy".

I hope it is only what Kenneth Johnson intended for it to be when he first came up with the concept of V a quarter-century ago: a parable about fascism, which can and does happen regardless of who it is behind it.