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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Army mecha-nic builds real exoskeleton

Carlos Owens is a mechanic in the United States Army living in Wasilla, Alaska. Five years ago and working without any blueprints, he started laboring on a real-life mechanical exoskeleton much like what we've seen in Aliens, BattleTech and a lot of other science fiction. Four years and $25,000 later, you can see his finished product on the right. It can raise its arms, move its lets and even do a sit-up. Owens is working on two more prototypes and hopes to soon see the day when real mecha will go at it against each other like demolition derby.

Mash down here for more of Carlos Owens and his awesome mecha at the Popular Science website.


Anonymous said...

Gundams ftw! Just without the beam sabers,vulcan machine guns, and buster rifles. lol :P

-Drew M.

Matt said...

Well, I for one, will welcome our robot overlords.